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CMH in the NYC

In November 2006, after years of neglect – I finally made it to NYC for a culinary pilgramage. I will not go into much detail – many people (Holly Eats, Road Food, and such) have written much more and much better about food in NYC (Ed Levine, for one) – but I will give a brief overview.

My mission – pizza, deli’s and hot dogs. And in spite of limited time (48 hours), a non infinite stomach and some slow running trains – I did well. I saw some sites and hit a night club for 6 hours – in between eating.

I missed my first tier pizza choices – Lombardi’s, Di Fara and Una Pizza Napoletan. You can catch the low down on these at

Slice NY

I did hit Nicks in Queens (OK), Ray’s in mid town and John’s (I sat at the Ron Perlman Table) in the Village (very good – and great atmosphere). I popped in to Grays Papaya – the cheapest hot dogs in NYC and a celebrity favorite – but it was just OK. I hit Dim Sum in Chinatown at Pings – very, very good. And I caught ice cream at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Cones (by John’s) and Italian Ice (near Nicks) at LuigiG’s.

Katz's Deli

But the best thing, was Katz’s Deli. Made famous by countless celebrities and the movie When Harry Met Sally, this place is worth the hype. I had a Pastrami Sandwich on Rye with some sweet and sour pickles and Matzo Ball Soup. Items I wish I had room for included a NY Egg Cream, a hot dog, and fries.

NYC was not what I expected. I’ll head back – I’m hitting Katz’s first and then I am eating pizza all day.

Katz's Pastrami

5 Responses to “CMH in the NYC”

  1. bellydj said

    Oh man Jim, that sandwich looks 5 inches high!

  2. mac said

    NYC has it all, but they don’t have it great. They have a great diversity in the mediocre. In the time that I lived there (even when I thought I was staying forever) I missed the better and more accessible resturants in Chicago. I will agree that if you want authentic NYC you need to go to Katz’s. But you can also roll Clintonville and do Nancy’s and be just as cool and just as satisfied.

  3. Joe said

    I moved back to Ohio (Clintonville) this year after spending 10 years (off an on) in NYC- most recently Brooklyn.

    Clintonville has a lot to offer- beautiful neighborhoods, affordable housing, central location, etc- but, as far as dining options go, this place is the pits.

    In Brooklyn, for example, I had a hard time choosing between 4 good Thai restaurants- in Clintonville I have to decide if it’s worth the drive across town to eat mediocre Thai food.

    Don’t get me wrong- Nancy’s is cool and a nice place to hang out. But, realistically, you can not compare dining options in Clintonville to any place in NYC- except maybe some extremely residential or extremely undesireable neighborhoods (The Bronx comes to mind).

    And even then- those neighborhoods usually have local butchers and produce markets with great food that you can cook at home- or prepared foods specific to the neighborhood (e.g. mexican, dominican, italian, etc.)

    At the very least- they have a bar and a liquor store. :)

    It’s true there are a lot of mediocre- even bad- restaurants in NYC. That’s why there are sites like to help you find the good ones- and there are a lot of good ones.

    Anyway- I love being back here in Ohio- and I love living (again) in Clintonville.

    But I certainly do find myself, sometimes, missing the food in NYC.

  4. PhilVille Phil said

    Jim, you wrote, “NYC was not what I expected.”

    Well, just what DID you expect? And why was it not?

  5. I guess I was expecting to not like NYC so much… no particular reason. But it really seemed like several smaller cities to me – connected by a subway. It worked.

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