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Newark, DEL

My scouting mission in Delaware…..
I have been to Newark, OH (“NERK”), Newark NJ, Airport (Nu Work) and now Newark, Delaware (New Ark). I finally found a Newark I like – on New Years Eve – 2006.

D & D

This is my scouting trip of Main Street in Newark which is also connected to the University of Delaware Campus.

Cafe Gelato

First stop Cafe Gelato. It was closed for meals for the holiday when I visited but open for ice cream. The Oreo was perfect – but pricey. Cafe Gelato is the darling of the Delaware press – consistently voted one of the best in the state. It has won several Wine Spectator Awards (Award of Excellence, 2005 and 2006). They also host some great theme diners, etc. My writing fairy godsister Shannon Jackson Arnold, listed Cafe Gelato one of the best ice cream spots in the country in her book – Everybody Loves Ice Cream. I would be inclined to agree.

Cafe Gelato website


Korner Diner


Moving down Main Street, we did get a late night snack at the Korner Diner. This is a classic diner – a stainless steel car, counters inside, and a revolving dessert carosel – filled with pies and cakes. Although the home fries were disappointing – we liked the burgers but gave the highest endorsement to the Chicken Tenders. There are gigantic – well – actually they as MASSIVE (the diner’s claim to fame is massive portions). The tenders are about the size of a typical chicken breast – cut and breaded in house. Another item to mention are the Disco Fries – a mound of french fries covered with gravy and cheese. I do not know why they are called Disco Fries – but there is no way I would be dancing after eating those.

Post House

I bit farther down the street is the Post House Restaurant. This was a Post Office at one time. I did not eat here – but I walked by several times and it was packed every time. This place is supposed to have the best breakfast in town.







Like any east coast college town Newark is full of Pizza, wing, and steak (that would be cheese steak) places. Margherita’s Pizza – sells pizza by the slice and has a good reputation in spite of a lot of competition.

Sinclair Cafe









There is an option for healthy eating. Sinclair Cafe has several incredible looking menu items – many were vegetarian friendly. I stood staring at the menu for ten minutes and saw swarms of people heading in after the church across the street ended services – so there must be some good karma and / or eating to be had here.

Happy Cow Information for Sinclair Cafe

Bing's bakery

My last stop was Bing’s Bakery – a local favorite for cookies, doughnuts, and etc. – but I was too full to eat anything and when I went back on New Years Day – they were closed.

When I am back in Newark again, I will be hitting all of these spots (and updating the blog) – but I will need two full days to do it. (And, next time I will not be playing football like a 14 year old, or drinking a 3/4 of a bottle of bourbon while eating my body weight in Puerto Rican style pork – Que lastima – that makes for a very damaged gourmand.)
And if I survive that next trip, I plan sidetrips from Newark including the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail and a train to Philadelphia for a cheesesteak.

Brandywine Valley Wine Trail

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