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CMH Ice Cream Capital Crawl

Columbus has been called a cow town on occasion. This is a city that appreciates dairy, because we have so much to choose from. Why is this the Ice Cream Capital of the World? Because Columbus has more places scooping the best ice cream than any other place you can find.

If you are a visitor from out of town or someone that lives in town with some time on their hands, try out this self guided tour for your own journey of discovery.

A High Street based self-guided tour of Columbus’ best ice cream shops via foot and/or bus. The total distance is 8.1 miles.

More information on the spots here –


Ice Cream Ohio

You are using the #2 bus for High Street or the #2 Crosswoods /Worthington bus to Graeters

COTA – Central Ohio Transit Authority

Jeni’s Fresh Ice Cream (Starting Point) – North Market location


59 Spruce Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Hours of Operation:
MON 10a – 5p • TUE thru FRI 9a – 7p
SAT 8a – 5p • SUN 11a – 5p

North Market

North Market to North Campus UDF (Frambes and North High Street)
about 2.0 miles

UDF – United Dairy Farmers

2094 N. High St

(OSU campus)

(Open 24 hours) UDF’s Homemade Brand Chocolate Ice Cream was voted #1 Chocolate Ice Cream 2005 by the Cincinnati Enquirer. You can buy pints and half gallons here or get scoops of ice cream. This is good mass produced ice cream.

Right behind the UDF is the Out R Inn – one of the few remaining OSU campus bars from the pre Gateway days.

One block south was the original BW-3 location started in Columbus in 1981. The campus location moved in 2007 to the corner of High and Lane.

UDF to Worthington Graeters
6.3 miles
Just before SR 161 / Dublin Granville Road


654 High Street (not an error N. High Street takes a pause in Worthington)
Worthington, OH 43085
Phone: (614) 848-5151

SUMMER — Monday thru Saturday: 11am – 11pm,
Sunday: Noon – 11pm

FALL/WINTER — Monday thru Thursday: 11am – 10pm,
Friday and Saturday: 11am – 11pm,
Sunday: Noon – 10pm

Old Bag of Nails Pub is across the street and 1/2 block north of Graeter’s – for a great fish and chips and other pub grub or a deep fried snickers for an extra dessert. The Worthington Inn and House Wine next door are two great places to get ready for Graeters or wind down with a post consumption drink or two.

If you have a car, go to the Bethel Road Graeters for the mini museum and self guided tour of the French Pot Ice Cream making process.

If you have a car and more time – then these are the other places you want to go to experience for full Central Ohio ice cream experience.

Mardi Gras Ice Cream – A mix of India and standard flavors – always exotic and off the beaten path.

Johnson’s Ice Cream – The oldest ice cream maker in the city. Try an ice cream buckeye here for the total Columbus experience.

Handel’s – The favorite of Youngstown is a favorite in our town as well. Well worth the effort.

If you have time and don’t mind driving 1 hour away from Columbus, here are three nationally known scoop spots which are worth the drive.

I rest my case. This is the ice cream capital of the world. If you are a food writer from out of town or a published with an axe to grind contact me and I will give you a day of my life you change yours.

3 Responses to “CMH Ice Cream Capital Crawl”

  1. Diana said

    You don’t have Handel’s on here!!!! Handel’s is really the best! There is one in Powell and one in Hilliard that I know of. I know, I know, so far away… But really! Worth the travel! Try the Chocolate Oreo or Peanutbutter Parfait, or really any flavor.

  2. Handels is great and is on my Ice Cream Ohio website. Columbus has the best ice cream options and Handels is one of those.

  3. rb said

    you should definitely check out Mardi Gras on Hard Road. It’s almost a crime it’s not on your list!

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