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Cheryl & Company: Christmas Giveaway

Posted by cmh gourmand on December 11, 2009

On December 8th, I had the opportunity to visit Cheryl & Co. Headquarters for a behind the scenes tour of their operation. Those that read this blog may have surmised that I am a tour whore. I love to see how things work. Our tour guide Brian has been with the company for 22 years and was one of the two fulltime employees hired when the company first opened a production facility. He loves what he does. I am in awe of people that have a passion for their vocation – these seem to be few in number in my world. I could write about the tour, but I will defer to my fellow cookie tourist and the best baker I know Anna.

The food writer’s creed says and the FCC guides that full disclosure is warranted when there is an exchange of goods or services. I was given an incredibly generous gift bag as a parting gift of the tour. So, I am passing on the monetary gifts to my readers to help out with last minute shopping and maybe assist someone with a limited budget this season. My gift was the tour; your gift is the loot.

For all three prize giveaways I need you to e-mail me your name and mailing address.

Giveaway Item One

So here we go. How about a $100 gift card for 1 800 FLOWERS. I will draw from the entries at random on December 16th. If you win, I will mail you the gift card.

Giveaway Item Two

Behind door number two….. a boxed assortment of the new Cheryl and Co. buttercream frosted brownies! Same deadline, December 16th.

Giveaway Item Three – The winner was Kate!

The last offering is a $25 Cheryl and Company gift card. This goes to the first person that e-mails me with the year that Cheryl’s Cookies opened.

Here is my e-mail:

CMH Gourmand Gift Giveaway

Now that the excitement is over, it is time for a trip down memory lane. One of my first food memories was going to the French Market when Cheryl’s Cookies first opened. I loved the chocolate chip cookies with the giant chunks of chocolate in them. In my eyes, this is the first gourmet anything I experienced in my youth. I recall seeing Cheryl working there on more than one occasion. There was also a time when you could get cookies for 1/2 off or more during the last hour of the evening. I took advantage of that more than once. Cheryl’s Cookies was and still is a great local success story. As someone who spends a lot of time figuring out how to do something successful in the world of food – an inspiration of what could be.

A few other things I think are noteworthy. The cookies are still iced by hand…incredible for a place that has the capacity (though a rarity) to make 172,000 cookies in a day! And take a look at the cookie wrapper – no preservatives, when you think of the economy of scale of what the company does – that blows me away.

Here is a final tidbit. The peak time of the year for the company is Christmas. How about second most busy? It used to be Valentine’s Day, recently Halloween has taken the number two spot.

To learn more about what you might win take a look at:

And a gift for those that do not win: you can use this code (BRN10) to save $10 on a purchase through January 31st.

Post Script Post:
December 16th, 9:16 PM
The winners have been selected and notified. Considering the odds of winning the entries were low – a total of 16 people. Also, I was intrigued by my demographics. Based on the entries provided my base is mostly generation X women living outside of 270. The Columbus Underground folks will have a field day with that. Regrets to those that did not win and Happy Holidays to the readers of this blog. Thanks to Erin, Brian and everyone at Cheryl’s for their hospitality to me and to the winners of the giveaways.


One Response to “Cheryl & Company: Christmas Giveaway”

  1. Alice said

    Hi! Would love to be entered in your giveaway! Your friend, Anna (aka Annie) is my niece by marriage and I found your blog via hers! I’m a foodie (if that’s a person who loves good food), too ~ so I’m loving your blog!! Thanks a bunch!

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