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Gourmand Giveaway: Great Vacations Expo

Posted by cmh gourmand on January 12, 2010

OK, so you may be thinking “am I reading the right blog”. You are. So how is this giveaway related to the realm of CMH Gourmand? What links CMH Gourmand with the Great Vacations EXPO? The answer is Adam Richman. He will be at the EXPO on January 24th at Noon and 3 PM. Richman is the host of the Travel Channel show Man vs. Food. In each episode he travels to a city, dines at local landmark restaurants and ends with a challenge involving massive food consumption. When he came to Columbus he dined at several placed including The Thurman Cafe (eating a Thurmanator) and The Ohio Deli (struggling through a Dagwood sandwich).

I would like to think the popularity of CMH Gourmand is due to the witty writing, keen observations and James Beard level research. The reality is that most new visitors are not brought to the site by glowing reviews and gourmand groupie testimonials but find me by doing searches for: Columbus Man vs Food, Ohio Deli Dagwood, Thurmanator and various combinatons thereof. Both places and the sandwiches they serve are listed in my blog and Google places my site in the initial hit list where people type in the related search terms. I had 1300 hits the first day the Columbus Man vs. Food episode was announced.

So what is the prize? Two tickets to the AAA Great Vacations EXPO on January 22, 23 and 24 and a free parking pass that is good for all three days. There are special events each day and over 150 exhibits. You can find more information here.

There will be two winners. If you recall my last giveaway, ODDS OF WINNING ARE REALLY, REALLY GOOD!

So how do you win? Use the link below to send me an e-mail by 6:55 PM on January 14th. Let me know your mailing address. The winners will be drawn at random and the tickets will be mailed on the 15th.

CMH Gourmand Gift Giveaway

I can’t go because I am jealous of Adam – he gets to do what I have trained all my life to for – traveling to eat and he gets paid for it. Thats OK, I have a face for radio so maybe I will give that a shot.

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