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Best Pizza in Columbus


A work in progress

This is a listing of the best Pizza in Columbus. This is updated haphazardly so check back and definitely check out the comments section for more suggestions…or disagreements. Columbus has hundreds of independent pizza shops, these are some of the favorite pizza places in the city.

If you want to write a review of a place I have not posted on this page – send it to me and I will post your review and give you credit for it.

Here my history of all things pizza in Columbus, we have quite a heritage and we may still have the highest number of pizzerias per capita of any city in the USA. Deal with that east coast CMH pizza hating transplants.

My Pizza Story: My first slice of pizza was at Dante’s in Clintonville during 1975 or 1976. I recall thinking pizza was weird. The second time I had it – I ate so much I almost got sick. Since then I have expanded my pizza palate. I have sampled most places in Columbus as well as hot spots in New York, Chicago, Rome, Queenstown (the Cow) and the rest of the world. I spent three months researching pizza for a failed book project. I think I can be objective on the subject of pizza pies. If you want to shout out a place – leave a comment.

Add a topping of good places in Ohio, from Pizza Therapy.

Good Midwestern Pizza Places?

Below some of the favorite places of the Gourmand. Enjoy.

Adriaticos sign Adriatico’s New York Style Pizza
265 W. 11th Ave
Columbus (OSU Campus)
Monday – Thursday 11 AM – 2AM
Friday-Saturday 11AM – 3 AM
Sunday Noon – 1 AM

For alumni of the Ohio State University (like myself), there is not much left to be nostalgic about other than an occasional football national championship. Most of the business’ (for many that meant bars) that were once stomping grounds in “the day” have been bulldozed down or changed hands too many times. One exception is a small pizzeria towered over by dorms and a parking garage, hidden away on 11th near Neil Avenue.vBilled as New York Style Pizza, many natives of the big apple might disagree with the title but not with the taste or price. Adriatico’s in the thick (Sicilian) or thiner (NYC) varieties has been a student (current and former) and faculty favorite for nearly 40 years. This devotion is not just limited to campus; Adriaticos has won numerous accolades at the (former) annual Columbus Pizza Challenge as well in local magazines and newspapers.For those that can find the place as well as a parking spot, there is usually no problem getting a seat at one of the few tables in the cozy dining area. Most patrons get the pizza as carry out or delivery. The pizza is reasonably priced but you can get some great deals by ordering the famous Monday and Tuesday night specials, Adriaticos is legendary for the gigantic, thick crust only, rectangular slab of bulk pizza known as the Buckeye. The Slab/sheet of pizza that is the Buckeye is quite a sight especially when it has the gigantic slices of pepperoni on it. You could feed a sorority with one of these and still have a slice left over. Make sure to specify if you want thin or thick (with lots of garlic) crust when you order. I’d suggest ordering with extra sauce (on the top as well). There are other items available as well such as subs, salads, pastas, and Zoni’s (calzones) which are all good, but why bother, if you are going to make the effort to get here – stock up on pizza. Another note – Adriaticos does not accept Discover cards – something that I am sure Visa thinks is priceless.

Bexley and Gahanna Pizza Plus

Bexley Pizza Plus

Bexley Pizza Plus (since 1980)
2651 E. Main St.


Gahanna Pizza Plus
106 Granville St.


A few awards:

1st Place at the 2006 NAPICS Pizza Pizzazz

1st Place at the 2003 NAPICS Pizza Pizzazz

1st Place Judges Award at the 2002 & 2004 Columbus Pizza Challenge

1st Place Peoples Choice Award at the 2005 Columbus Pizza Challenge

Catalfinos Pizza
10501 Blacklick-Eastern Road (Rt 204)
Pickerington, OH


Catalfino’s is the little place that does. They won the people’s choice award and the judges award several times at the (former) Columbus Pizza Challenge (in 2000, 2001, and 2003) as well as high marks at other local and national competitions. The pizza that helps them win is called – accordingly – The Champion: pepperoni, ham, salami, bacon, Italian ground beef, Italian sausage, ricotta and provolone cheese. Two other pizzas of note are, The Alfredo Collection: alfredo sauce, diced tomatoes, provolone and choice of shrimp, chicken, or vegetables; and Carolina Pulled Pork: smoked pulled pork, homemade BBQ sauce, and crispy fried onion. The Motto at Catalfino’s is “a little different…a lot better”. I would say that is about right

Harvest Pizza

Hounddog’s Three Degree Pizza

2657 N. High St


Hounddogs bills itself as Pizza for the People. Their late night hours certainly help get pizza to the people. However, historically, Houndogs is not was not known for being real strong in people centered service. That has changed over the last few years in a good way.

The essential experience is ordering a Smokin’ Joe’s style pizza – garlic crust and a spicy, hot pizza sauce creates a cravable combo that can not be beat. While the quality can vary from really good to really great (depending on who is pushing pies that night) Smokin’ Joes style pizza is addictive and any other variety will be a little disappointing.

Hounddogs post from 2015

Hounddogs Delivery

Iacono’s Pizza & Restaurant


4452 Kenny Road
Upper Arlington (kind of)


Iaconos Lunch Buffet

Little Sicily’s Pizza House

2965 Brice Blvd


Little Sicily’s was established in the early to mid 1970’s. The tag line for the restaurant is “The Pizza Worth the Drive” – which is good because they do not deliver. They also serve a great meatball sub. This is kind of on the border of Reynoldsburg and Pickerington. An unexpected pizza combo here is Ziggy’s Special – Italian Sausage and Sauerkraut.

Mama Mimi’s Take and Bake

Mama Mimi’s


2923 North High Street


2092 Henderson Road



1565 King Avenue

Located inside Gentiles – The Wine Sellers



569 State Street



Best Gourmet Pizza

Midwest Pizza Pizzaz 2001

Best Vegetarian

Pizza Expo 2004

Pizza of the Year

Pizza Festival 2006

Meister’s Pizza

Pizza House

747 E Lincoln Ave

Columbus (south of SR 161, off Sinclair)


Pizza House post

The Rossi

895 N High St

(Short North)


This is the closest to true NY style pizza I have found in town. The Rossi is in my top 10 pizzas of all time. The toppings are top notch. The bottom crust is thin and might collapse on you if you do not do the classic NY fold while the end crust is slightly crisp and chewy – perfect. The Rossi is more bar than restaurant, but this means you can get quick service if you hit this spot late on a weeknight.

Rotolo’s Pizza


1749 West 5th Avenue

Grandview Hts, OH


(The original location)

Rotolos Sign

Rotolos expanded over a decade ago. The best place to get a pie is still at the original location. Each slice feels like it has 1 pound of cheese on it. I remember the first time I picked up an order (it is all carry out) – I was not ready for the weight of the box when I pulled it from the counter. Rotolos is sometimes forgotten about when discussing pizza in Columbus – but they have a fair number of awards. The most unusual accolade is an article from Los Angeles Magazine which lists Rotolo’s as one of the ten best pizzerias in the nation. This list was no fluke – having done a lot of pizza research – the other places on the top ten list were true contenders for the best. You can see the magazine cover and part of the article on the wall at the Grandview location.

Tommy’s Pizza – (No 1 – the original)

1350 West Lane Avenue

Upper Arlington, OH



Yellow Brick Pizza

81 Responses to “Best Pizza in Columbus”

  1. brad said


    Have you been to the “new plus” —2651 e main st. —-it rocks!

  2. I have to agree with you on Adriatico’s (you’re right, that is definately NOT NY pizza) – it’s pretty darned good, especially the pepperoni on a thick crust. But you have to try Sparano’s Pizza (North Hague ave, near Trabue) – It’s probably the best on the entire west end of Franklin county, and took 2nd in the People Choice category at the latest Columbus pizza challenge (whatever it is they’re calling it now). AND MORE IMPORTANTLY…I know how much you love Ice cream – They’ve opened up Sparano’s Ice Cream and Gelato in the small building next door to the pizza shop. It’s not made on site (Palazzolo’s Gelato), but it’s pretty good and really nice to have on this side of town! I just posted about it with some photos, too

  3. The best pizza that I have found in Columbus (so far!) is Lido’s on Bethel Road next to the dollar theater. They use provolone instead of mozzarella (which smart people know is the best pizza cheese) and their sauce is not to tomato-y, it’s more sweet (if that makes sense).

  4. Lois Hinrichs said

    When people who have moved away from Columbus talk about what they miss most, often you’ll hear them say it’s Rubino’s Pizza, 2643 East Main Street. They get a dreamy look in their eyes and begin to wax poetic. Do a Google search on Rubino’s Pizza and check out the reviews.

    Here’s what the Wikipedia entry for Bexley says about it: “Rubino’s Pizzeria, mentioned in “Be True to your School,” has become famous for barely changing since its opening in the early 50’s. Rubino’s does not deliver and only accepts cash or checks. The Main Street address is the only location and has always been independently run. Known for its thin crust pizza, carryout pizzas are packaged in paper, rather than cardboard boxes.”

  5. alps said

    what about bono togo? its good.

  6. Lisa said

    Pizzaria NY in Pickerington is the best NY Style pizza you can find in central Ohio.

    CMHG Comment:

    833 Hill Road, Pickerington

  7. Greetings!

    I think I gained ten pounds just reading your blog… sounds like you have some great eating establishments picked out.

    If you ever get to Greenville you need to visit our new frozen yogurt restaurant… BTO Yogurt – DELISH and very low cal so you can have more and more of it. It’s self serve -18 flavors of yogurt every day and a slew of toppings – you pay by the ounce.

    AND ……..the restaurant everyone knows us by, The Maid Rite – with the gum all over the outside.

  8. Charlie said

    I moved here from Connecticut. Personally, I think the pizza in Columbus is awful. But the closest thing I have found to East coast pizza is Sarafino’s in the North Market.

  9. Maxfood said

    It’s not in Columbus but it can be about the same drive time as some of these other places… and it’s amazing Pizza: Eagles Pizza in New Albany.
    And thx C-Gourmand for an excuse to go try new Pizza places!

    • Tim Lister said

      I agree. Eagles is great and the prices are good. They are in my top 5 for Columbus (1. Tommy’s, 2. – Anges, 3 – Vick’s Reynoldsburg, 4- Taranto’s, 5 – Eagles.)

  10. marc krantz said

    hi jim,

    how is bono’s pizza?

    thank you,

    CMH G. Answer: Bono Pizza is great. Check out for the latest review and comments.

  11. Andrew Meador said

    I think Flyer’s deserves mention on here. Excellent local company – I’ve met one of the owners too. Their desire for high-quality ingredients makes them my favorite in Columbus.

    Be warned that some locations (Hilliard) don’t offer dine-in service, and some are closed for lunch (Powell) – My favorite is the Galloway location, located at Hall and Norton Rds on the West side. I think you’ll like the pizza and the ambience.

  12. Which place would you highly recommend for “authentic Italian pizza”?

    CMH G Answer: Bono Pizza.

  13. Granddad’s in Grandview was always my favorite when I lived in Col’s

  14. Sprkltaz said

    I notice that you mentioned Casa di Pizza for the ribs. They also have awesome pizza. It’s a one location shop, which I love! The owner even has a tattoo of pizza, ribs, and a wing on his arm! WOW! They have a ton of specialty pizzas, but I love their pepperoni and sausage. YUM!

  15. Rob said

    Is there still a COLUMBUS PIZZA CHALLENGE? What about Gattos? Anybody like that place??

    CMH G Answer: There is one that benefit’s Children’s Hospital. Usually in September usually not marketed too much. There is also Pizza Grand Prix at Wild Goose Creative a couple times per year.

  16. Tricia said

    The Slice of Columbus benefiting Children’s Hospital will be at Huntington Park on September 21, 2011. Here’s the website for more information.

  17. Miss Pizza Pie said

    We just ate at Harvest Pizzeria in German Village! Tasted incredible! Can’t wait to get back there. Check it out. Pizza House on Sinclair Road has always been my #1 place for pizza. We are fortunate to have so many great pie houses right here in Columbus!!

    • DouginCMH said

      I was thrilled to learn that Harvest is coming to Clintonville, to the space vacated by Mozart’s when they moved to north.

  18. Vandal996 said

    The closest thing to real New York style pizza and also the best pizza I have had in Columbus is what used to be Flying Pizza and is now Slice of New York on campus and on Bethel. They also have a thick crust “Sicilian” that is hard to pass up as well. They have real slate ovens and the round pizzas are hand tossed and cut in pie slices as they should be. Flying Pizza is a family owned pizzeria out of Dayton but all of the brothers grew up making pizza in NYC. There are still Flying Pizza shops in Dayton however the original owners in Columbus sold their shops which were renamed Slice of New York. It is still very good and slices are always available in both styles.

    Adriaticos is also excellent but a different style of pizza. The large is a tray and the crust is thick and has a touch of garlic. They also use sandwich pepperoni. This is a good bet if you like a thick crust. It is NOT a Chicago style deep dish. 2nd best in Cow Town if you ask me at the time of this writing.

    I live in Gahanna so I am a regular at Pizza Plus however they have a rotary oven so the crust will never be what a real pizza requires. That said, this is a good pizza. They use quality ingredients and a lot of them. It is a heavy pizza on a medium crust. Try the Max Pep and you will get both kinds of pepperoni and a lot of it. This does not warm up well but it is good cold. These guys also do the goofy Ohio square cut on a round pie but will do a pie cut if you ask. The only pizza worth eating in Gahanna for sure.

    Tommy’s is good but it doesn’t quite make the “Real N.Y. Pizza” rating. Plus they cut round pizzas in little squares like all the morons in Ohio. I will say it one time. PIE CUT the pizza if it is round! My mother and father grew up on Tommy’s and both say that it changed in the late 70’s. Occasionally I will pick one up. It is not bad pie for sure but if I am on campus I will hit Flying Pizza.

    Catalfino’s has been soggy the three times I have had it. Done. Soggy crust sucks.

    Hound Dog’s is better if you are drunk otherwise it is a mid grade pizza at best. If you are drinking at the Rivari Room it makes sense because they are attached.

    I had heard all of the Pizza House hype and was very disappointed. Its alright in my opinion but nothing to go out of your way for.

    Rubino’s is one that I had high hopes for. It looks the part. The place smells great. They have real ovens. They have been making pizza forever. It looks like it should be fantastic. Bland. That’s it, just plain bland. The crust texture is perfect. It’s cooked perfectly. It is just flavorless. The pizza is light and the crust is thin so a large will only feed two if you ask me. I ate the whole thing by myself and was not stuffed.It does come on a cardboard disc in a poofed up bag so keep this in mind if picking up a few. They don’t stack.

    Whoever mentioned Flyers needs slapped. It’s crap.

    I am looking forward to trying Pizzeria NY in Pickerington. The pic on their site looks good. I will also put Rotolo’s on my list. If I remember I will post my opinions.

    Making a real New York pizza is an art and it requires not only a good dough recipe and knowing what to do with it but the proper equipment too. Coal fired ovens are the bomb but there are only a few still operating in the U.S. Gas slate ovens are second best and can bake a perfect pizza. Anything that comes from a conveyor oven is going to be substandard. Worse yet is the use of corn meal. This screams we don’t know how to make a pizza.

    The best pizzas I have ever had are Ray’s Famous Pizza in NYC in first, St. Marks Place Pizza in NYC and Flying Pizza in Columbus. I am a pizza freak. I once paid $400 to have 4 pizzas delivered by Fed Ex to Honduras because there is no good pizza in the entire freaking country and I had been there for two years. It was Flying Pizza because I didn’t know anyone in NYC who would get the pies from Ray’s and pack them and lie to FedEx about what was in the box.

    There is good Pizza in Columbus but you have to hunt it down.


    • Wow! You are right – there is no good pizza in Honduras. I’ll go to Pizzeria NY with you in Pickerington – I need to revisit my first trip there sucked – they sold pizza by the slice but not when I asked – the employee said that it would take an hour to get me a slice but she could do a whole pizza in 15 minutes…..hmm. I left. I would add to your list – Bono Pizza and Pi at Meister’s Bar. Try those and get back to me.

  19. Vandal996 said

    Since I last posted I picked up one of the Columbus entertainment mags to see who was playing locally. To my amazement there is a new bar/pizza place in Columbus and they have the Holy Grail, a coal oven. Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza & Live Music I have not been there yet but it is killing me. I have to try it this weekend although it looks like a bit too high brow to be areal pizza parlor.

    Post up if you have been there.


  20. g woodson said

    Tommys use to have one of the best pizzas in town.they changed their sausage. Dont put enough sauce on it. They haven’t had good pizza in over 15 years. Joe’s pizza. Same way.doesn’t anybody take pride in making a good pizza anymore. That sausage tastes like you know what….I don’t care what it cost. I just want a good pizza ..

  21. Sprkltaz said

    If you’re looking for great sauce and delicious sausage, you should consider trying Casa di Pizza, near Grandview. They are actually on the outskirts of Grandview, at the corner of 5th and McKinley. Their sausage is wonderful!

  22. dan justus said

    D & EZ O’s on Brown Rd. Is a must try pizza. This article seems biased on campus area.

    (CMH G: Anyone would be hard pressed to see this as Campus biased – but there is a leaning towards the center of Columbus).

  23. Vandal996 said

    I found a great and truly authentic New York style pie in Zanesville of all places! Check out Picnic Pizza 3575 Maple Avenue Zanesville, OH 43701 (740) 452-8451. I still prefer Slice of NY but Picnic Pizza is the 2nd best pizza I have found in Ohio. I am giving the bump over Pizzeria New York for their sauce. I found the Pizzeria NY to be a little bland. The owners are real New Yorkers and they have a full menu and wine and a limited beer menu. Peroni is as good as you will get here. The dining room is nice and the service was excellent. The restaurant is really close to I-70 so if you happen to be in the area, give them a shot. You will not be disappointed.

  24. Matt said

    Can’t pick a #1 with so many un-tested contenders, but my go-to’s (in no order) were always:

    Rubino’s, and…

    …when I lived there.

    All of them changed through the 80’s and 90’s. Usually this meant ingredients – especially sausage and pepperoni – lost their unique character. I blame corporate (“industrial”) ingredients.

    This is less true for Rubino’s than for Donato’s or Massey’s. (Tommy’s was on the wrong side of town so I actually didn’t have them until recently.)


    P.S. My amateur understanding of NY style pizza (since it has come up a number of times) is that it’s “magic” related completely to the use of brominated flour. Brominating has fallen out of favor for health reasons. I always thought it was boring pizza anyway – overstated Neapolitan style, really.

  25. JAK CASSELL said

    You have’nt had pizza until you’ve had Sparano’s Pizza!

  26. Andy said

    I’ve tried several pizza joints in Columbus and have found that Villanova Pizza is the real deal. Better than the Pizza House. Better than Masseys. Way better than Donatos. Better than Tommy’s . . Their sauce is amazing. A little sweet. Order extra. However, I am looking for a pizza joint that puts the cheese on top of the toppings. I’m from Lima, OH and that’s how it was done there. Anyone know of a spot in CBus that does this without asking the pizza place to do it for you. Cut in squares of course.

  27. Andy, I am from Lima as well living down here, and so far Pizza Mart has been a good spot. They are a lot like Westgate bowling alley which was my favorite. Taranto’s Ange’s Pizza, 2980 Noe Bixby Rd., and Padova’s Pizza 2964 Noe Bixby Rd.
    Are decent as well. That being said, there isn’t a Lima pizza here like Westgat, Westside, the old Chuck’s etc.

  28. Aaron Dreher said

    You have to check out Padova’s Pizza the adress is 2964 Noe Bixby rd. Columbus ohio 43232 I work there and we have people come from all over Columbus and people in different states have family members deliver pizzas thrue the mail are sauce is are signature plz check it out you won’t be disappointed open at 4pm close at 12am and close at 1am on fridays and saterdays

  29. Bill said

    I am originally from New York. I would agree with a few posters above, I think much of the pizza in Columbus is terrible by comparison. However, there was one diamond in the rough, “DaVinci’s” that made New York style pie that brought a tear to my eye. And they sliced it in pie wedges, not the ridiculous square cut on a round pie that some do here in Columbus. Unfortunately, “DaVinci’s” moved to a new location, and a year later closed, only to do catering. Sad. I have not tried a few of the Pizza shops above, but will try a few, hoping to find some pie that actually reminds me of what I grew up with.

  30. Charlie said

    No question…the best new York style is Slice of New York on High St. at Ohio State. I have tried many searching for the east coast style and this is the the best that Columbus has to offer.

  31. Brendan said

    nothing in Columbus compares to Angelo’s Pizza in Lakewood, oh (just outside of Cleveland). if anyone knows of angelo’s and can recommend something comparable in cbus, please respond. don’t waste your time with chains or campus area places.. 🙂

  32. Pam said

    Minelli’s- West side. Three locations. Doing it the same way since 1967. The best. Check it out. Thank me later.

  33. rb said

    New York Pizza? In Columbus? Sacrilege!!! I haven’t lived in Columbus for 5 or 6 years…but my best memories of pizza there are…Panzera’s, Tammy’s (Grove City), Rotolo’s, Massey’s, Tommy’s. Donatos? not since they sold out to McDonald’s, although I’m not sure who owns them now. Columbus style pizza is not cut into wedges, it’s not thick crust, it’s not “charred” crust, it’s not white sauce. IT IS thin crust (often with corn meal on the bottom), sauce that’s not too sweet, not too spicy, but provides a good base to make sure the pizza is not too dry and not too soggy, lots of cheese, pepperoni slices that curl up into little bowls of grease…and cut into little squares. All of the others? Getouttahere!!!!

    • Yano said

      Little pepperonis that curl up into bowls of grease, oh how I miss that living in Colorado. My favorite was Rofinis and Ricardos but they are gone so now its Rubinos when I go back home. Panzara’s in Grandview has good pizza but their subs are the best. NO ONE CAN MAKE A GREAT SUB OR PIZZA IN COLORADO. Those N.Y snobs should be comparing their pizza to Columbus pizza not us to them. Square cut pizza RULES.

    • Tim Lister said

      If you have a membership to Restaurant Depot in Colorado, you can buy the pepperoni like Tommy’s uses. It is the Mama Isabella brand but I have a suspicion that it may be made by Ezzo (same ones that produce for Tommy’s and Massey’s). There is one in Denver.

    • Note for readers: The Ezzo Sausage Company is a Columbus business, started originally as a supplier for Donatos. Their specialty pepperoni and related encased meats are a favorite of CMH Gourmand and found at many of his favorite pizza purveyors.

  34. Cody Toland said

    Try Pats Pizza in West Jeff. Their pizza is good hot or cold and they use the best mozzarella I have ever had in my 29 years of life .

  35. NB said

    Panzeras ( 2 locations grandview and upper arlington) Granview is the original location and is very trustworthy.

  36. No pork on my fork said

    Where can I get an all meat pizza, without pork, in Cols, OH.?

    • Well – no pork limits you to from most of the common meat based toppings – so you have hamburger, chicken, steak or ….nothing. I guess you are limited to a build you own pork haters pizza.

    • Cliff Sawicki said

      Nidovi’s Pizza on the border of Hilliard and Dublin serves a Beef Brisket Pizza on some nights. I have tried the Brisket which is very good, I have not tried it on Pizza to date, but I will be soon.

  37. thejimnasium said

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There is one food that above all others is particularly Columbus: COLUMBUS STYLE PIZZA. Our kind of pizza is: thin crispy crust, sweet tomato sauce, spicy pepperoni and sausage from the Germans who lived here, and most importantly: party cut – that’s small, 3″- 4″ square cut pizza. This style of pizza is known all over but originated in Columbus in the mid 20th century at places like Massey’s, Rubino’s, Rotolo’s, Panzeras, Tommy’s, Pizza House, and most famously: Donoto’s. There are other kinds of pizza available in Columbus who’s style originated elsewhere, and some of these places now source their ingredients in non-local ways they didn’t 50 years ago, but these places serve and originated the one and only COLUMBUS STYLE PIZZA! The New York bias shown here is lame and besides, who the hell would like that greasy mushy crap you have to fold in half to eat unless you either grew up with it and are just tasting nostalgia, or were pronouncing it good just because it “comes from New York” and don’t know any better. Check out wikipedia on the varieties of pizza and you’ll see that Columbus style pizza is similar to St. Louis style pizza, but we have our own take on it.

    • tim said

      BTW, the STL pizza you are comparing to, IMO’s, is flat out horrible (Provel (velvet) cheese, yuck). I am not a mouse so do I need my pizza cut in 2″ squares. I save the sweet flavors for dessert not in my sauce. Look around, nobody living in Columbus is from Columbus we are all transplants. Just because you grew up on it does not make it better. I grew up on LaRosa’s in Cincinnati and it is good pizza because it reminds of my childhood. But, it would come in 20th if I ranked the best pizza in Columbus, right before Rotolo’s, Panzera’s & Donato’s. Wake up my friend.

  38. andy said

    I cant believe Enricos is not among the list. Im guessing you havent had it or it would be in your list. Enricos is family owned they do not deliver, just dine in or pick up. Located in dublin, ohio

  39. james said

    When you order a pizza always ask if the shop uses conveyer ovens. Conveyer ovens make Mcpizza. Masseys as well as a few mom and pop shops still use deck ovens.You cant fake the bake.

    order a masseys pizza with extra cheese light on pepperoni it tastes a lot like leonardos

  40. David said

    Hello Everyone! Did you hear about Halwani Cuisine in Grandview, they got the best pizza award “Pizza Crawl” twice in a row. Check it out really good pizza and Stromboli:

  41. Ace said

    I ‘ve been driving out to Jan and Tony’s in Plain City. It hits on all counts and it’s only 10 minutes from Dublin. I also like Adriaticos on campus, Iaconnos – Shawnee Hills, Rotolos – Grandview, Zamarelli’s – Grove City, Deweys – Dublin, and Giuseppis on Hilton Head Island.

  42. rob mcpeek said

    You can’t be a true C-Bus pizza lover when your no. 1 pizza sports a flavored crust or anything other than good tomato based sauce and is from cincinnati (that’s an insult by the way!.). The real list is
    2. Rotolos on W.Fifth where Mafalda still makes the sauce daily…
    3. Panzeras (enjoy!)
    4. Rubinos which is not in your top 10, shame.
    5. Josie’s , the hilltop. All real C-Bus style pizza!!!

  43. Gary said

    Emilios on the West Side is as good as it gets!

  44. Rob G said

    1.Zamarelli’s – Grove City
    2. Rotolos on W.Fifth …
    3. Mikeys late night slice
    4. Tommys
    5. Luna

  45. gary smith said

    Hidden Gem–George’s Pizza near campus. Old School Pizza the way pizza used to be made.

  46. Porterfield said

    Flyers. Give it a try

  47. Yano said

    ok all this columbus pizza is making me long for one. does any of them fly some out to colorado?is there a company that packs and flies pizzas out to you?or any local pizza place that does?maybe donatos as it is such a big chain and they have the big don?

  48. Yano said

    thank you all. i checked out the masseys site and it looks like thats the way i am going.its about $45 a pie to co. but i have to give it a try. i did know about the kroger-donato thing but they dont have them out here but maybe i can talk to a manager at king stoopids and maybe they get stuff shipped out here from columbus thanks again Yano

  49. Kurt Krohn said

    Best pizza in town – Tyler’s Pizza in Reynoldsburg –

  50. Doug said

    How can it be that you forget Massey’s? Massey’s has some of the best pizza you can find in the country. They have a location that does nothing but Half Bake freeze them and send them out to people all over the country. No Massey’s, list no good. I’ve had them shipped to me here in Florida.

    • Massey’s has a great pizza history (as documented in this blog) and a good buffet (also in this blog). We’ll get them in as we continue to update this work in progress.

  51. vandal996 said

    Masseys was mentioned years ago. It’s not bad but they have to use corn meal to keep their crust crisp. Amateur hour.

    • Yano said

      Doug I am thinking about getting some Masseys shipped to me in Colorado, the price is a little high but really wanting some good pizza. How did yours turn out? We don’t have a pizza oven does that have an affect on the final taste?

    • A regular oven should work fine, just make normal considerations if you are high altitude.

  52. Nick Williams said

    Interesting list…I have to agree with some..Adriaticos is my all time favorite (and definitely NOT NY style, that’s amusing!) Tommy’s and Iacanos are also great. Being born and raised in Columbus I love our Columbus style pizza (to be fair it’s not really a Columbus thing but a midwest style). I lived in NYC for almost 3 years and simply couldn’t stand their pizza. It’s funny those who are from NY on this blog and say the opposite. Forget about the pie cut vs square…whatever. I just don’t like the doughy super super thin and flavorless taste of NY pizza. The funny thing is people I know from NY that visit columbus have opened up to our pizza and actually agree that in many cases it’s better. What we don’t quite have here that you see all the time in NY is the speciality slices…things like ziti pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, white pizza, or BBQ chicken pizza. Sure we have some of those as toppings but in NY where it’s more common to buy a slice you would see them all pre-made sitting in the display and you were more likely to get one to try since you were not buying a whole pie.

    I almost forgot…one more to add to this list is Planks on Parsons Ave (not High Street). It’s not for everyone and has a sweet crust (they add sugar)…but damn it is addictive.

  53. Yano said

    Ok my top 5: Rofinis on Weber Rd (now closed), Ricardis on Cleveland Ave (also closed) Rubinos which almost tastes the same as Rofinis and Ricardis and I didn’t even know about it until I moved to Colorado as I never had any reason to go to Bexley while living in Columbus but now its my 1st stop when I get to Columbus. Tommys and either Panzeras or Rotolos although Panzeras hot subs are my all-time favorite. I must admit I always get some Donatos when I come back as they are so convenient and everywhere and their Big Don is pretty good also. I Prefer Donatos over Masseys I am guessing as I grew up in the northend. My alltime favorite pizza is just good old pepperoni. I do love most other toppings but I still judge a pizza place just by its pepperoni pies. Leonardos on Morse rd (closed) was pretty good but rarely got one as there was so many great pizza places around. Does anyone rember a place on Morse Rd I belive was called Sir Gallahads? It was like a Knight of The Roundtable theme but they had pretty good pies also. Ok now I am pretty sure and going to order some Masseys to Colorado after all this talk. Yano

  54. Yano said

    I m pretty sure I know how it will work out, it will be delicious but not worth $45 a pie but if it works out good I imagine I will order again. Alot of things in life are not worth what you pay but if you want them enough you will pay. I will report back Yano

  55. Larry M said

    As an east coast CMH pizza hating transplant the only pizza I will eat in the town comes from Brooklyn Pizza in Powell. Any people from the tri-state area in Columbus give it a try. It is the real deal and the best part…….not only do they not cut the pizza in squares they refuse to do it if asked! They make 16 and 18 in pies!

  56. Yano said

    coming back to ohio next year and maybe I will give Brooklyn a try as I do like ny pies but still love Cowtown pies the best. we have pretty good ny pies here in co. ok I ordered the masseys. it was just like I thought not worth $45 a pie but quite good. my order arrived a day late and they guaranteed overnite delivery so my next order will be a lot cheaper as the lady in masseys customer service was very good and felt bad about the late delivery. she gave me the choice of a brand new delivery or keep the ones I got and a discount on my next one. the pies arrived half thawed but still edable. was concermed about if they were edible but shoot its Columbus pizza so took the risk of food poisoning and ate them all as they were half frozen so couldn’t refreeze them. everybody loved them. that’s pretty funny that they wont cut them in squares even if asked but I think its great that they wont as its their business and they can do as they want. Hoping Brooklyn doesn’t get sued for refusing to cut their pizza into squares. big headlines in Columbus refusing to cut in squares for squares. you know us squares have rights also. I think they refuse to cut in squares cause ny style pizza put so little pepperoni on their pies that people would soon realize they are paying for a pepp pie but its half cheese. donatos and masseys don’t skip on the pep and you don’t even half to order xtra pepp. so in my book even the fast food chains in pizza is better than ny style pizza but really believe its caused I was raised on it as Larry was probably raised on ny pizza. as Larry maybe once said I have a dream where a pizza will not be judged by its pepperonis

  57. Theo said

    Never take the word of a local.
    Example: grew up in DC, We had Little Tavern. Delicious slider-like burgers. Moved to Tennessee. Got used to Krystals. Moved to Cinti. Tried White Castle, Wretched. Basically the same thing – as a pizza is a pizza. But …
    Tried Donatos in CBus. WTF!

    Pizza cut across, in squares! WTF! Is this Chuckie Cheese!? It loses heat too quickly. It dries out. Bad idea. But if you grew up with it, go with it.

    Anthony’s – next to Cap U used to have pizza sliders. Now that was a slider! Pulled from the menu but ask them.

    Rubinos must be experienced.

    But then a Bahama Mama at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is 800 times as good as a Bahama Mama at Schmidts! Go figure.

  58. billbabbitt said

    Jim. Love your book, Columbus Pizza. I bought copies for my son in law and his father, Conti family. I’m certain they will know many of the people featured in your book.

    • Thanks Bill. I appreciate it and one day will we get together again for a beer (s). If you need more books the Ohio Taproom has them. I also have some copies for “emergencies”. The Conti’s were very much players in the world of pizza.

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