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Unexpected Detour: Fluff?

Posted by cmh gourmand on June 29, 2009

I get a little annoyed when food bloggers lose focus and write way outside the food genre. However, I recently watched TV (a rarity) while on vacation in Montreal. I watched the Today Show. I was intrigued by what goes on during that show due to some Saturday Live sketches on YouTube.

A short segment I saw featured Jenna Wolfe. I immediately thought – “this does not seem like the the normal morning fluff here.” So I did a little research and found she is not a typical American – growing up in Haiti and Jamaica. She speaks fluent French and Creole. And here is the kicker – there seems to be a hardcore group of bloggers that hate that she on the show. There are bloggers that obsessively follow TV which seems a bit pedantic and nerdish – I guess as a blogger excessively following food I should not cast the first stone but……

Well, I am no hater, I may be a bit smitten – but not for the expected reasons, this woman knows how to have fun with food. She is not the typical talking head and she is funny.

Beijing’s Market Foods

Brooklyn Pizza Tour

I now return to my regular content and start some self loathing for doing this post.

Jenna you are welcome to Columbus anytime for an ice cream, taco truck and Columbus culinary tour.

3 Responses to “Unexpected Detour: Fluff?”

  1. Tom W. said

    Never heard of her – watched your 2 clips and she is awful – especially the Brooklyn clip. Painful to watch and hearing about great pizza just shouldn’t be that way. I can only hope Anthony Bourdain gets his mitts on her and convinces her to leave the business.

    CMHG Comment: Poor Jenna is a sportscaster trapped on the Today Show – she has to make the best of it.

  2. Never heard of her but I watched the Brooklyn pizza clip. Looked like fun.

    Entertaining, informative, made me hungry for pizza. I don’t understand the haters.

    Columbus needs an ice cream tour.

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