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Eat, Drink, Repeat: Culinary Discovery & Misadventure in Central Ohio

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My Favorite Posts

These are some of my favorite posts. I choose these not because of the writing, the photography or the number of hits. These were the stories I had the most fun researching or living the moment in. I like to look back at these posts when I wonder why I do this. Some were popular and some were not but I like them just the same. I’ll add some more posts, places and lists over time. If you are new to the blog, this may give you a sense of what it is all about.

Mission to Chicago

Eating Hot Dogs with Liz, Harold, Tim and Tonya in the Windy City

Taking George Motz on a hamburger tour

Athens and Slow Food

Dinner at Deepwood

The Eat Trout Mystery, Part Two

Why I do what I do….

Columbus Pizza History

Inn at Cedar Falls

My West Virginia Food Heritage

Los Potosinos – Taco Truck

Bedtime for Bono (P.S. Bono did bounce back)

No More Nancy’s

Bacon Camp 2009

Solay Bistro from alt eats Columbus

Beercamp and CMH Gourmand as Beercamp Counselor and Parade Master!

Summer of Skillet

The Art of Solo Dining: Table for One

Why Mobile Food Matters

Galaxy Cafe

Gourmet Ghetto

Austin Adventures

Tommy’s (of Coventry)

Slinging Hot Dogs at O’Betty’s

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