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The Original Crispie Creme Donuts: On the Ohio Donut Trail in Chillicothe

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 7, 2011

Welcome back to the Ohio Donut Trail, the ongoing mission to find the finest fried dough in Ohio. During this phase of the intensive research process these are the donuteries at the top of the leaderboard: DK Diner, Auddino’s, and Bill’s.

The donut tasting team took a trip south to dig into the donut heritage of Ohio’s other half, south of I-70. One third of our three stop tour took us to Chillicothe. Our destination was Crispie Creme. Not that Krispy Kreme, it is this Crispie Creme. KK has served donuts since 1937. Chillicothe’s own Crispie Creme has crafted dough since 1929.

This shop serves as a community meeting point and landmark in Chillicothe. The counter is well-worn from elbow scuffs by generations of donut eaters killing time on a stool catching up with neighbors while watching the donut construction process in the kitchen directly behind the service area. All donut styles are represented on the menu as well as some less common variants including Mountain Tops (chocolate frosted doughnuts with a large dollop of creamy icing on top), maplenut bismarks, fudgies and lots of jelly filled and topped treats.

During our visit, we saw four generations of Crispie Creme fans come in together to pick out a box for their clan. The son of the entourage was about five years old. He was given the honor of carrying the box out the door to the pick up truck with the warning “boy, if you drop that box you better run as fast as you can”. At the same time, I had a box in my hands too, so I could feel the responsibility and the fear of crispie creme custody. Neither of us dropped our boxes. I also considered running as fast as I could but since I was not driving I opted to share.

There are some interesting mysteries about Crispie Creme. First what is the Original Recipe they tout on the sign? Alas, I did not think to ask until we were twenty miles away on State Route 35 heading to Bill’s in Centerville. Another mystery involves their merchandising. In an area that would safely be labeled conservative, in a place serving a traditional product as scared as apple pie, hots dogs and Chevrolet, how it that all of their shirts and such are tie-dyed or brightly colored and infused with peace symbols? Could hippies have taken over at some point in the 1960’s with their Sweet Love? This dichotomy works because I made a rare impulse clothing purchase to prove this marketing approach really happened and really worked in small town USA.

The donut tasting team tried the donuts and we found them to be good. What we liked more was the character and spirit of this place. There is a lot of history at Crispie Creme and a lot of donuts to sample while you soak in the ambiance of Chillicothe.

47 North Bridge Street

Disclaimer and foreshadowing: I anticipate that someone will ask about New System Bakery. I wanted to go but New System is not open weekends and not open late in the day so the Ohio Donut Tour will have to wait for a while on this one. I don’t know what new system New System uses but I can assure you Crispie Creme uses the old system and they use it well.

New System Bakery
175 E Main St

Crispie Creme Donut Shop on Urbanspoon

24 Responses to “The Original Crispie Creme Donuts: On the Ohio Donut Trail in Chillicothe”

  1. Lynaya said

    As a former Chillicothe resident, I’m so glad you visited! I like to point out that the O.G. is spelled with Cs.

  2. mjb said

    Glad you liked them. I would have liked to see a pic of your whole order. Both of my parents are from Chillicothe and I have been eating these my whole life. The family favorite are the sticks but I personally just like the glazed. Well, I guess like isn’t strong enough of a word. I am addicted to the glazed.

  3. mjb said

    Also, the New System Bakery is my dad’s favorite place in the world. But like you, I can’t ever seem to be in town when they are open.

  4. Megan Proehl (now Costilow) said

    I’m so glad you went!

  5. joy said

    I’m a Chillicothe native who has been living in California for 12 years now. Every time I go back to visit this is the first place I stop. Period. Those mountain tops are to die for!!!

  6. Monarch said

    Four yrs. ago when I was back in Chilli I brought back with me to Ca. a dozen Crispy Cream doughnuts. I very carefully wrapped each one and flew them back with me on the plane. I feared that if they checked my luggage and saw these delicious doughnuts they would eat them. These were pure gold. I came back and shared them with my family. My daughter who loves these golden treasures was as happy as a lark. MMMM these are the best doughnuts and always enjoy them when we come back to Chilli.

  7. S. said

    I moved to Texas over ten years ago, and I miss Crispie Creme with a passion. Every time I go home I have to stop by. Even my husband, a Texan born and raised states that these are the best doughnuts ever!

  8. We live in Portsmouth, Ohio and lost our Crispie Creme shop (Mrs. Renison’s) recently. Would sure love to see that shop reopen! We’d give anything to get the original recipe donuts back. We have family that comes all the way from Sandusky and always stopped for donuts. Would love to see that shop reopen! It’s greatly missed!

  9. Lou Vetter said

    The Crispie Creme is opening again in Portsmouth, Ohio this month December, 2012. Many of the local residents are waiting for their good fresh donuts.

  10. Millie said

    they are the very best donuts–when we have guest from ot of town they always want Crispie Creme-

  11. I do not know if any of the original family is still living but I work for them way back in the early 60s in Portsmouth Ohio, these were the best donuts and am so sorry they sold out to KK for there products are not a good as the original CC. Am so happy you are still making those wonderful donuts. Wish I could visit one day but for now living in the Philippines.

  12. jerry said

    lived in alabama for the last six years. jonesing for some crispy creme. think they will ship me a box?

  13. Milagros said

    I’m living in NC and I too am jonesing for my crispie creme donuts! They are the best!! As soon as I visit, that is the first place I have to go to and bring back a few dozen, which don’t last long. Gotta find out if they will ship these D E L I C I O U S DONUT DELIGHTS!

  14. Tara said

    I was in Chillicothe in 2000 and stopped in on the way to the airport. I bought a butter rum muffin and it was the best thing I have ever eaten. ( And I am a baker who develops recipes all the time. I bought 2 dozen got on the plane, and before I knew it, people were begging me to buy them. I was handed everything from 5- 20 $ for each. ( Crazy true) Well, needless to say when I got home only 2 remained, and mom got those. lol I have tried many many times since then to recreate them for myself and friends. And this is only the second recipe that has ever stumped me. (The other is making Tulle’s) If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would forever be in your debt. As I am disabled now and on Mo- Ks. border, I will never get to go there again. Thank you in advance for any help. Tara

  15. becky said

    When I was a kid, back in the 60’s, on West Broad St., Columbus, Ohio, there was a Crispie Crème with the same quality of donuts that Chillicothe has. I think this must have been a branch of the Chillicothe store. I certainly do miss my Crispie Crème in Chillicothe.

    • Ray Chapman said

      I know the original crispie cream was in Portsmouth Ohio I knew at one time one was inn chillicothe

  16. Dan DeGarmo said

    I have no apologies for admitting I’m a donut snob. I rank all donuteries by way of the simple glazed donut. I’ve been doing this for 15 years all over the country and none has surpassed Resch’s on Livingston Avenue in Columbus, OH. The fact that it is not on this list is a disappointment. If you haven’t tried it, you must.

  17. Chris said

    Crispie Creme > New System Bakery. Based on conversations I’ve had on the local Facebook groups, though, you’re likely to get some pretty polar responses. I never cared for NSB’s banker’s hours, and liked the taste/quality of CC more.

  18. Loree Thompson said

    I’m glad you got the chance to swing by Milton’s in Middletown. Yes, Middletown IS depressing…VERY much so. HOWEVER, there are some pretty bright spots still left. Please come back sometime soon? And make Milton’s one of your early stops? The donut selection is wonderful and you will not be disappointed. I’m going there tomorrow, bright and early, to bring donuts back to the office and impress some visitors!

    Love your reviews! I’m interested in checking out some of your reviews, the donuts look amazing! I’ve been to Bill’s in Centerville as well, but to me – nothing compares to Milton’s! 🙂

    Love the post, take care, and enjoy! 🙂

  19. […] to be confused with the chain Krispie Kreme (with a “K”), my hometown has a local donut shop called Crispie Creme (with a “C”) that puts KK to SHAME!!! They’ve been around as […]

  20. Tim said

    The team needs to visit Schuler’s Bakery in Springfield, Ohio. I think the pecking order may change after that visit.

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