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Resch’s Bakery: A Donut Run

Posted by CMH Gourmand on December 12, 2010

Even though I am not a superfan of donuts, I found myself questing for them a lot this year. Resch’s was presented as a local favorite by several respected fooders so it was decided I needed to buy a box to sample with my tasting team.

I have been long overdue in making a trek to Resch’s. The bakery opened in 1912 and has been at the present location since 1960. Generations of eastsiders swear by Resch’s. Whenever I mention the place to long time Columbus residents I usually hear a nostalgic sigh followed by a story about a wedding cake, decades of birthday cake memories or a favorite donut. When I mention the place to Columbus transplants I hear concerns about the location, having to wait in line or being put out by a cash or check only policy.

I enjoyed my first visit on a busy Saturday morning. Newcomers have to figure out the order of ordering operations on their own. I noticed several people standing in random places in the store looking intently at the counter. Then I observed a chaotic choreography of customers and counter staff converging together as people were matched with numbers so they could place orders or pick up cakes. I then figured out where the number ticket machine was, pulled my tab and started to explore Resch’s while I waited.

Resch’s seems to have a Bavarian connection based on a mural on the wall. The counters and display cases are made out of wood showing an ancient and well worn look from decades of use. There are ten to twelve employees behind the counter dodging each other as they fill customers requests for donuts, pretzels, cookies, cakes and more. The cakes seem very popular, at least when I was there, I counted at least 100 cake boxes labeled and ready for pick up lined by the bakery entrance. I noticed shelves full of hamburger and hot dog buns, plenty of bagged baked goods including Vanilla and Cinnamon sticks ready for consumption. I spied springerle’s – hard little cookies with deer images on the top. There is a significant depth and diversity to the baked goods line up at Resch’s. I saw enough to get my interest, including a lot of smiles from regulars so I know that I need to come back for more research.

I ordered fourteen donuts and delivered them to my tasting team. Our consensus, these are really good donuts. My thoughts, not as good a DK Diner (Sorry Resch’s loyalists). The winner was the apple fritter. I liked that the Resch’s interpretation are smaller and taller than the typical fritter so these are easier to manage and manhandle on a plate or box. Two of my tasters noted that the apple flavor was very apparent in each bite. Resch’s donuts were all good. The rest of Resch’s looks really good too. I’ll be back.

Resch’s Bakery
4061 East Livingston Ave
Columbus (East Side)

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