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Schuler’s Bakery (Springfield): On the Ohio Donut Trail

Posted by CMH Gourmand on February 1, 2011

The Ohio Donut Trail took my loyal band of donut detectives to Springfield, Ohio the home of regional favorite Schuler’s Bakery. Due to some navigation misfiring on my part, we had a nice tour of downtown including the Frank Lloyd Wright designed – Wescott House. Schulers has been in business since 1937 using the slogan “The Home of Homemade.” We hit the original store on Main Street which does not appear to have changed since 1937. I would not doubt that some of the original staff are still working there too. This is an OLD SCHOOL, no nonsense bakery. The color scheme is simple blue and white like many of the old bakeries I have visited on the east coast.

While the taste team and I wandered around the showroom staring at the massive volume of donuts to be had (while snapping photos and chattering away), we were repeatedly asked, with growing urgency…..”Can I help you”. Meanwhile scores of regulars shot in and out engaging in large, complicated orders in record time while we gawked about. Finally, we approached the counter and started ordering to the great relief of all of the staff.

And order we did – a giant box was filled with any interesting donut we could find. The first donut(s) that caught our eyes was what we dubbed the Kabab, five donut holes on a skewer. This seems genius and it tasted pretty good too – the perfect snack while driving on the Ohio Donut Trail.

The bakery has a section devoted to day old donuts which are 50% off. Normally I am reluctant to get a donut more than a few hours old because very few have staying power beyond the morning. Schuler’s is an exception. I did not try some of their donuts until 24 hours later and those sampled were as good as day one. The best donut I had was one I am calling the FUDGIE. I thought is was just a standard chocolate glazed old fashioned donut with peanuts. When I bit into the fudgie I discovered it had a fantasticly good 1/2 inch layer of chocolate fudge on top with an inch filling the center donut hole. DAMN! That is my go-to donut at Schuler’s. Honorable mention also goes to Schuler’s glazed blueberry donut and their sour cream donut.

The bakery has all of the standard donuts as well as a large selection of jelly donuts. As the name says this is a bakery not a donutery so while all my attention was on the donuts the various other baked goods looked good as well. People in Springfield swear by Schulers. I do too – DAMN that FUDGIE is GOOD!

Schuler’s Bakery
457 East Main St.
Springfield, Ohio
937.323.4900 (not open as of February 1st)
Locations on Mitchell St. in Springfield and London, Ohio.

14 Responses to “Schuler’s Bakery (Springfield): On the Ohio Donut Trail”

  1. Sassy said

    Amen! Forgot about the construction, sorry- I would have
    routed you around it. February sees the return of the iced
    Heart-shaped sugar cookies. A staple at every elementary school
    V-day party and the stuff of legends! The branch on Derr Road has a
    large, well-lit new store which showcases cakes and other

  2. Twixlen said

    I had the lemon curd topped donut the next day & it also held up beautifully. It was, in fact, delicious. It’s a big feat to have that texture stick around – usually they get sad after 24 hours.


  3. Dave said

    The Ohio Donut Trail series has been great. I went to college in Springfield in the mid 90’s, and Schuler’s was a regular stop for us. I may have to detour there the next time on I-70. Yum.

  4. Terrie (McClain) Coffey said

    I grew up in Springfield and my father worked for International Harvester. Schuler’s Bakery was very much a routine part of our lives. Every Sunday he would go and get a big box of various kinds of donuts. I always looked forward to going with him and waiting in the long lines. The smell was worth the wait every week! I am 46 years young now and was thinking about those special sundays. My father has passed on and I live miles away now but I have never forgot how great those donuts were. I attended high school and cheered with a Terri Schuler at spfld, shawnee high school. I would guess that she is a part of this great legacy.

    • Vickie Wilson-Fritts said

      How crazy! I was just thinking of those wonderful bismarks myself, wondering if Schulers would happen to be online. I too knew Terr and went to Possum then Shawnee. I live far away myself but definitely remember the same weekends going to Schulers. Wish I could today. I miss it.

      Vickie Wison

  5. Dion Harris said

    I also grew up in Springfield and remember getting a big box of a dozen on Saturdays. My favorite to this day is the caramel cream filled. I also went to Shawnee High school with Terri and graduated in 1982. I have very good memories of Schuler’s and of Springfield.

  6. Bonnie Shelton said

    I also grew up in Springfield and have fond memories of this wonderful bakery. We always had their birthday cakes for all the cousins. The doughnuts are the best. I miss the Bismarks. They were my favorite. Like Terrie, my father also worked for International Harvester. I moved away many years ago, but I know next time I venture into the old neighborhood, I am going to walk out of there with the biggest box of doughnuts they have.

  7. Sassy said

    I understand there is a London Ohio location at 289 Lafayette Street, near the Wal-Mart. I think they are associated with the Sprignfield store. I know they expanded and now have locations on the north side of Springfield, on South Limestone and the original store. The Gingerbread men are the Bomb!! And they have a wonderful cupcake selection- including cream filled!! Ithink most anyone who grew up in Springfield had a Dad or other relative that worked for IH. Sad they tore down the old plant on Belmont. Both my dad and grandad worked there, along with several uncles. They also now have the vanilla custard filled. All very yummy!!!

  8. Steve carter said

    Steve Carter

    I grew up in Springfield as well. Whenever I come home Schulers is one of my first stops. The chocolate covered cream filled donut is my absolute favorite. I’ve had Winchells,Dunkin,Krispy Creme, and Randy’s, but Schulers is the best!

  9. carmen biggert said

    Back about 7 years ago Schuler’s Bakery was the best when it came to donuts and cakes. Now they have lost that distinction in my opinion. They have spread themselves everywhere and they have compromised quality for it.

  10. Jeff said

    Born and raised in Spfld. Traveled many cities and states after graduating high school. I have never found any bakery to beat Schuler’s. My favorite is their chocolate cream fills. Love the brownies, peanut butter logs, cream horns and the stars. The birthday cakes are so awesome as well. Glazed donuts are always so warm and soft. They melt in your mouth. If you’re ever in Spfld. OH, Schuler’s is a must stop.

  11. Gayle said

    Grew up in Yellow Springs, and went to Schuler’s most weekends. I haven’t ever gone to any of the new locations, so I can’t comment; but the original is still put out legandary baked goods! My all time favorites are their Butterfly Cookies and the Nut Cookies with the chocolate drop! They have the best Yeast Donuts around, and the ONLY place you can get a Whole Wheat Donut – they’re fabulous!

  12. Leslie said

    I went to St Bernard’s in the late 1950’s and 1960’s and everyday after mass we had Schuler’s bismarks and either white or chocolate milk. It was always a treat but I’m sure the nuns didn’t enjoy their sugar charged students.
    Also, every Sunday after mass there would be a box of Schuler’s baked goods.
    Does anyone remember Scotty’s restaurant?

  13. schulers quality and ingredients have fallen over the years. the new regime of owners have cheapened things up a lot and jacked up the prices. not that great anymore.

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