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Route 62 BBQ: A Scouting Report

Posted by CMH Gourmand on December 16, 2009

Route 62 BBQ
580 West Coshocton Street (SR 62)
Closed Mondays

Route 62 BBQ

Route 62 BBQ

I drove by Route 62 BBQ several times in the summer and fall. On my last driveby, I caught sight of the huge smoker in the back and a scent of BBQ in the air. These were good signs. As a Kansas City BBQ Society Certified BBQ judge, it is my obligation to investigate any potentially good BBQ joint.

On my scouting mission, I observed that the place has a loyal following of regulars, that employees know by name or ordering preference. The mix of themed and family photos as well as the bric-a-brac on the walls reflects a pride and passion in BBQ. These guys are serious about their craft and compete as a cooking team at competitions and cook offs. The restaurant seats about 16 inside which is fine since the bulk of business is carry out. BBQ was never intended for fine dining or tablecloths.

A wide array of meats and sides are served up daily. I need to sample more to officially opine on their smoking of swine, poultry and beef. Some of their sides did make a lasting impression. The baked beans are a combination of four types of beans bathed in a rich, browned BBQ sauce. Their skillet corn is simple and it is the simplicity that makes it wonderful.

I was also impressed by their pie preparation and selections. Shorty (all 4’11” of her) mans the front end of the business. She also crafts their daily selection of pies (Peanut Butter, Pecan and Banana Cream). Shorty had no prior pie experience before coming on board. She spent her first three months in a pie making apprenticeship with one of the mothers of the owners. This pie protoge graduated with some fine pie making skills.

I was immediately impressed with the selection of sauce flavors which are named: Rootbeerbeque, Buffalo, Fools Gold, Gold, Carolina, Asian, Spicy and Hidden Stash. The sauces are rich and full flavored. The Route 62 BBQ boys also offer a very tasty jalapeno ketchup. BBQ is about the meat…but in my experience it can’t hurt to have some sauce on the side for emergencies or as a beverage.

Route 62 Barbecue on Urbanspoon

2 Responses to “Route 62 BBQ: A Scouting Report”

  1. Brittany said

    Looks yummy! Where did you take your class to become a bbq judge? I actually was reading up about it today and couldn’t find anywhere in ohio to do it (although it said most states offer them)

    I think it’d be fun

    CMH G Comment:
    You are in luck. There has not been a judging class in Ohio in years – but there will be one this April!

  2. Susan W. said

    I have just skimmed the above as we’re about to be ‘on the road again’. It looks really interesting.
    I will tell our nephew (Bethia’s cousin) about the Normal Folks sign. A vegetarian colleague of his went to Texas and got bacon and chicken on his ‘vegetarian’ main dish. When his boss complained, they said it had no beef!

    I want to wish you a happy new year and lots of good eating adventures for 2010.

    Did you try any of Bethia’s trifle? (most recent blog)

    CMH G Comments: Bethia is Hungry Woolf – all should read her blog.

    In Texas, people that eat fish and chicken are known as vegetarians.

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