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Dirty Franks is Open

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 1, 2009

Hot Dog Month press release and new website

July 1st marks the beginning of National Hot Dog Month. The first of July also marked day one of Dirty Franks. There was a sneak peak at 2 PM with doors opening to the public at 4 PM. Hours are expected to be 11 AM to 2 AM in the future. As a rare late night dining destination, there is hope Dirty Franks will be the gateway restaurant to grow more spots for those that opine there is no place to dine downtown.

The first item sampled was a Carribean Queen Slush:
(Cherry Slush, Lime Slush, pineapple juice, & orange juice)…no slouch here and the perfect drink for the summer. One can get a scoop of Jeni’s ice cream in the slush. Or maybe I should say – one should get a scoop of Jeni’s ice cream in a slush.

The full taco truck team teamed up to sample each of the side dishes. Honorable mention goes to the Mac and Cheese (which Chef Tanya has been tweaking) and the fries. Our favorite was a very non traditional hot dog side – Fried Leeks.

In the future, I plan to take a crack crew to help me critique and consume all 20 hot dog styles at the same time (I feel bad for the server on day I say “one of everything please”). Today, the hot hot dog was the Ohioana – topped with spicy corn relish (sweet corn, pickle relish & diced jalapenos), & a dash of celery salt. The relish was very good – I was able to get a small morsel from a very hungry Hungry Woolf.

The place was packed. Mayor Coleman dropped in for a hot dog – it was one thumbs up walking in and two going out.

Congratulations to Liz Lessner, Harold LaRue and the rest of the Dirty Franks crew – it has been a long wait. I hope after a few weeks Liz and Harold can take a break so they can start planning their next culinary venture.

Note for July diners from Harold LaRue at Dirty Franks, July 3rd:

We’re happy to be open and are contining to work-out the bugs and implement the knowledge gained in the first few days; to do so, we’re keeping hours of 4pm to 1am for the first week or two (still waiting for some menu items to arrive, like Jeni’s ice cream.)

We’re also taking an uncharacteristic, though much needed, day off to regroup, recharge, and plan for Phase Two of our operation which, as of tonight, includes a fully-operational draught beer system…yay!

We’ve stocked-up on Frost Top Root Beer (you cleaned us out the first day!), added a second steam well dedicated to those warm, delicious, poppyseed buns, set-up a second server station to process orders and payments far faster, and…a hundred other things I’ve already forgotten.

Soooo, we’ll use this Saturday to dream up some more and better ways to feed you, Columbus, and be back at it on Sunday, July 5th, at 4pm.

Harold LaRue
GM, Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace

More DF info here at Nothing Better to Do (Good photos to be seen here)

Columbus Underground on Dirty Franks Opening night with some great photos by Jen Killius

A couple Post Script Post notes:

There is a myth that there is no parking near Dirty Franks – not true, there are a multitude of meters within easy walking distance and several side street meters as well.

On day One – the place was packed from open to close. This will continue to be a busy place, but service is fast so don’t let a small line discourage you – just get a drink at the bar.

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