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ThisWeekNews Best of 2009 Restaurant Survey – Now With More CMH Gourmand

Posted by CMH Gourmand on August 20, 2009

A quick detour from adventures in Southeast Ohio.

Check out the ThisWeeks News Readers Poll: Columbus Dining Survey. We begin with my responses. I encourage you to take a look at the links for the picks of the esteemed Mary Martinaeu and winsome wordsmith Jenny Pavlasek. Then look at the winning answers in the Readers Poll.

CMH Gourmand guest picks for the poll

The rest of the picks!

Restaurant readers polls always get people riled up. The main reason is that Columbus citizenry just don’t do much culinary exploration. Olive Garden – Best Italian? Ouch.

Does anyone remember the 1970’s anti-littering commercial where the Native American has one sad tear dripping down his cheek looking at a pile of garbage? That is what happens to me when I see answers like Olive Garden and Red Lobster as best of in my city.

So what can you do to stop this madness – if you have lame friends or co-workers take them out to eat.

For the next posts we will go to Athens, Ohio where folks would never dream of submitting lame answers for a best of Athens poll.

Thanks to Gary Seaman for letting me share my responses.

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