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Triangles and Squares – Columbus Pizza

Posted by CMH Gourmand on September 9, 2006

Slice of Columbus will be on September 13th at the LC Pavilion, in the Arena District. This event was known as the Pizza Challenge during the first sixteen years of existence and was at Victory’s for many years. This competition allows people to try pizza from about 20 or more different local pizza slingers. The proceeds go to benefit Children’s Hospital. I went to 5 or 6 of these in the past. It is worth going but now I have a better alternative. My friends and I do our own pizza “buffet” every year. Each person brings a type of pizza from a different place and with 30+ plus people – we have a lot of variety. Below is a list of the pizzas I would suggest you consider if your decide to do the same. This list is based on my favorite pizzas from my own eating adventures – but supported by empty pizza boxes at the yearly Hoffman Pizza Buffet Party and People’s Choice awards at the event formerly known as the Pizza Challenge.


Bexley / Gahanna Pizza Plus


Flying Pizza – New York Style

Hounddog’s Three Degree Pizza – Go with Smokin Joe’s Style (Spicy sauce – garlic crust)


Mama Mimi’s Take and BakePrimo Vegetarian (roasted garlic sauce, zucchini, spinach, artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, chopped onions, and mushrooms) (( I usually replace the romas and onions with sun dried tomatoes and scallions.))

Northstar Cafe – Flat bread Pizza

Pizza House – Meatball

Portofino’s – Giant 30 inch pizza (49 slices) $23 for one topping. The 24 inch is only $18.

The Rossi – a simple cheese pizza – to go is not an option – but on a slow night, when the hipsters are not around – heaven.

Rotolos – (feels like a pound of cheese in each slice)

Whole WorldHerb and Guacamole or Oregon Apple (apple sauce, apples, raisins, provolone and sunflower seeds)

And a quick note about pizza style – there are several recognized styles of pizza – Neopolitan, New York, Chicago, New Haven, and California. There is a good argument that there is a Columbus style. Columbus style pizza is thin crust that is cut into squares. People from both coasts get angry when they encounter this style. The best local examples of this style are found at Massey’s and Donatos.

If you want to learn more about pizza styles – click below

Pizza Today – June 2006 – Regional Pizza Styles 

4 Responses to “Triangles and Squares – Columbus Pizza”

  1. dirtgirl said

    Thanks for the run-down. I just moved here from Brooklyn (pizza heaven) and was puzzled by the little square shapes from Donatos and Hound Dogs. Not sure how much I like it. While it allows you to sample from different pies without serious gluttony, it’s really hard to pick up the middle pieces that don’t have the crust edge to grab onto. You wind up with saucy fingers which isn’t so good in otherwise dignified settings.

    And thanks for the tip about about Flying Pizza being New York style. Are any of the others?

  2. This is an awesome party idea and I might just have to steal it! 🙂

  3. FoodieRobbieFuManChu said

    Since you’re hitting all the bases (e.g. NY style, Columbus/Donatos style, etc.) consider the following: Fabians (relatively new to the Short North) does a pretty good Chicago style, and fairly unique Steubenville/Ohio Valley style slices can be found either at one of three DiCarlos that have sprung up in the past few years (Hilliard, Pickerington) or at the Original Steubenville Pizza Co. (OSU campus). (As a side-note, despite the name, DiCarlos is THE original Tri-state favorite.)

  4. J said

    Both Planks serve Columbus style pizza, and in my opinion, the best in town.

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