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My Christmas Story – China Dynasty

Posted by cmh gourmand on December 21, 2006

It took several years of pitched leftovers and too much work for too little return to talk my mom into going out for Chinese for X-mas or X-mas Eve (we mix it up). We have been going to China Dynasty for the last three years. This year we went on X-mas day. It is always crowded and has a good number of upscale families dining in their Sunday best – but no need for that – just a reservation is needed – jeans will do. The Buffet is well stocked. (Update: this year the buffet suffered from poor placement of the buffet tables right in the busy aisle that is the byway  for servers with food, patrons hitting the buffet, customers picking up take out, and people waiting for a table.) This was my favorite Chinese restaurant growing up and always a safe bet for a large group.

China Dynasty

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