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Very Sad News …

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 11, 2007

Jorge Michalowski – Owner of Spain Restaurant passed away this week. This is very sad. I spoke with him several times and I was always impressed with the personal attention he gave each customer.

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I dropped in at Spain for lunch on 02/09/06. My favorite waiter was there so we had a chance to talk. The restaurant is still plugging on and working hard to sell the dance / nightclub aspect of the bar to the Latino community. All of the regulars ask about Jorge’s family. (See the next comment for that answer)
I really enjoy having lunch here during the week – it is a treat – so I am going to try to go once per month to show my support for the little restaurant that can.

3 Responses to “Very Sad News …”

  1. Marines Michalowskil said

    I like to thank those who liked my husband Jorge, and all the help we got during this difficult time. The restaurant was his life, he was very responsible. I not mad with him at all. I know that he is in peace with God resting. Jorge suffer too much with problems at the restaurant, things that he not agree with and things that were hard for him to solve. As a lot of people know, Jorge didn’t speak or write english very well and when our manager had decided to find another job, he felt lost and the strees and depression and confusion took all his energy. The depression was there for a long time, but he didn’t believe in it. I did not want people to think that he was a not a strong person. He didn’t take a good care of his health, he never took a vacation. He always said “I am the owner, if I don’t work hard, things will go down. I need to provide a good life for my family”. Pray is what you can do for Jorge and my boys, and I thank you a lot for that. Do not critical of what happened. I am the only one who knew my husband, and I am not angry with him, just sad because he not going to enjoy a retirement after a many years of hard work. Always remember Jorge as a hard worker and loving husband and father.

  2. MARICELIA said

    Sympathies for Jorge

    My name is Maricelia I am jorge’s sister in law,Marines sister, in 1995 I live to Jorge and Marines,and I know the man he was, loving person and very nice, I miss him.

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