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The Original Wendy’s Closed on March 2nd. Where’s the Grief?

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 6, 2007

There was a lot of national media buzz about the Original Wendy’s on Broad Street closing last week. I visited during the final days to observe the passing of another bit of Columbus history. The manager reported business was 5 to 10 times more than a typical day. It was very crowded and many people were taking final photos. This Wendys was a Columbus landmark for years. It was filled with all types of historical Wendy’s knicknacks. Wendys was born the same year as me – so we grew up together. Much of the memorabilia will be moved to the corporate office in Dublin. So here is a last look before this disappears forever.










4 Responses to “The Original Wendy’s Closed on March 2nd. Where’s the Grief?”

  1. mac said

    That is depressing, but it was such an odd place. I went there a couple of time last year with the boys and they enjoyed the displays of the kid’s meal toys, but the place had been negleted, certainly no flagship location. Nonetheless a part of Columbus’ culinary history. Sorry to see it go.

  2. Lorence said

    I took my 6 year old there the Saturday before the final closing so he could have a “taste” of history – took photos just like the hundreds of others that I shared the crowded rooms with that day, too, and posted my memories of the place on my blog as well. It was an indeed an odd place, but I think it’s demise is Columbus’ loss. I would have like to have seen it become a museaum of sorts, but I also know the price that little piece of real estate is going to bring into Wendy’s Intl…And Dave always said “profit is not a dirty word”. still, it’s kinda sad…

  3. TJ said

    I have mixed feelings. I am a fan of the Wendy’s chain. I love their chili and think they do burgers better than anyone but Mom (and maybe Rally’s–sorry Dave & Mom) However, I confess that I rarely go downtown. I was at this location once and did not even realize then that it was the original one. Capitalism aside, i would think a large corporation would want to at least create a museum restauarnt here (I once bought a really expensive meal at the Columbus Art Museum). I agree with Lorence, that is it sad. So it goes…..

  4. Chuck said

    I agree with TJ. I was really surprised that they didn’t go with a museum there. The traffic and parking would be less of an issue…and they could think of creative ways to market it…it could be self-sustaining.

    It was run-down, but I was sad to see it go.

    On a side-note, TJ…Rally’s and food quality should not be mentioned in the same sentence. 😉

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