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Posted by cmh gourmand on June 22, 2007


Shake it Up

Comfest is my favorite festival in Columbus. One of thing I look forward to each year is volunteering at the Wine Booth. Being a wine booth volunteer is the best gig at Comfest. It is a legacy to hold on to once you make it on the wine booth team. I am going to miss my Saturday crew this year – but I will be pouring on Friday at my customer service oriented booth.

More Wine Booth information:

For the last 13 years, Natural State Wines has provided a variety of natural and organic wines to Comfest’s two wine booths (we usually serve 7 ounce cups). The selection of wines this year was: Honeyrun Blackberry (served chilled – a crowd pleaser for 4+ years), Frey Biodynamic Chardonnay, Orleans Hill Syrah, Nuevomundo Cabernet-Malbec, Badger Mountain Riesling (another crowd pleaser), and Bodegas Iranzo Sangria. (Post Post – Thanks to everyone visiting the Park Street Wine Booth from 8 PM to 11:30 PM on Friday – we had a blast, wiped out our stock and earned $150 in tips for charity. I have a new appreciation for bartending Friday nights!)

Comfest wines

If you have never attended to Comfest – go. If you have never volunteered for Comfest – do it this year, 4 hours of light labor gets you a T-Shirt as well as food and beverage tokens. And those Comfest T-Shirts come in handy – see below.

Surly Girl Saloon

Open from 11 am-2 am every day. Surly Girl recently expanded their menu as well and kept the Frito Pie.

As a volunteer thank you this weekend – volunteers that wear your COMFEST T-SHIRT (from any year) get you a FREE cupcake with any purchase Friday – Sunday.

A little bonus tease from Surly Girl for volunteers-

“Will it be banana cupcakes with peanut butter icing? Yellow cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting? Double chocolate with a cherry on top? You gotta come in to find out.”


One Response to “Comfest!!!!!”

  1. Anna said

    Have you gone to Tip Top yet? It’s a newly opened sibling to the Surly Girl.

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