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Que Pasa? Mi Mexico II es El Vaquero Cuarto o Cinco. Que Lastima.

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 17, 2007

My favorite Mexican restaurant in the 1990’s was Cancun on Maple Canyon – they had the best Mole Enchilada ever. Since that restaurant changed hands 5-6 years ago – I have been adrift, trying to find a favorite Mexican eatery. I usually hit El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant on Olentangy River Road by default.

I was ready to mix things up and I had a Entertainment 2007 coupon for Mi Mexico – (listing two locations) – that was $7 off so I made my run to the border (outside of 270 for me).

 Mi Mexico II 

375 Stoneridge Ln (just east of Hamilton Rd.)
614. 428-1725

Upon arrival, we were seated quickly and presented with a menu that looked just like El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant. I figured that the restaurants must use the same printing company. As I studied the menu more – everything was the same. Then I noticed some familiar chairs in the corner. I finally had to ask my server.

As it turns out El Vaquero bought Mi Mexico II about 1 year ago. However, the original (and to my recollection, incredibly yummy) Mi Mexico on East Main St still has the same owner and original recipes. So you can’t fight fate.  El Vaquero 4 or 5 (there seem to be at least three others in Columbus) did accept the Mi Mexico coupon. The meal was good (El Vaquero always is – I think they put crack in their white cheese) but my heart was set on Mi Mexico. That is for some other time.


Any thoughts on the best Mexican in town? (Initial comments include Las Margaritas on Henderson Road, La Casita on Bethel and Cazuela’s, north of campus). 

8 Responses to “Que Pasa? Mi Mexico II es El Vaquero Cuarto o Cinco. Que Lastima.”

  1. holly said

    try cazuela’s up on north high street just past lane ave. a bit.. it just opened up this year and i have been frequenting it plenty. haven’t been disappointed yet. i prefer it over el vaquero actually. menu isn’t quite as extensive but the food is extraordinary.

  2. La Casita on Bethel Rd is pretty darn good, and we also like the Las Margaritas on Henderson (the one in Dublin sucks).

  3. Lorence said

    I would suggest going to the West side of Columbus, Sullivant Ave, to La Marketa. They are now a fulls service Salvadorian and Mexican restaurant, but have always been very good – Mexican food by Mexicans for Mexicans. When I first started going there, oh, 7 or 8 years ago, the people that worked there spoke little English, but were always friendly and patient with my broken 25 year old high school spanish, and the food was always fresh and bright. We recently had some carry out tacos – both al pastor and carne asade, plus a huge carnitas burrito. They have a full menu now, taquitos, seafood, etc., and the new owner is just as nice as the former owner.

  4. Rick Allen said

    El Condor on S. Hamilton, south of Refugee
    La Michuacana (sp) on Morse
    taco truck in front of Ohio Thrift on Sullivant near Georgesville
    taco truck on Wilson, south of W. Broad

  5. Columbusite said

    I’d also have to go with the taco stands on the west dise. There was one on Broad and Hague which was good. For something closer to the center try Xalisco at Chittenden and Summit or the taco stand east of Vic’s on 5th Ave.

  6. reagle said

    try la hacienda on sinclair road. puts all the other mex restaurants to shame.

  7. La Hacienda Real
    4855 Sinclair Rd
    Columbus (Morse and Sinclair)
    Phone 614 781-0624

    The Burrito Relleno is the crowd pleaser. I like Cuco’s just a little bit more.

  8. lula said

    Not mentioned: Fiesta Jalisco on 161/Cleveland is good (al pastor = AWESOME), and there’s a taco truck on Morse Rd @ Cleveland Ave. in front of Lev’s Pawn Shop and the Salvation Army, really good stuff. I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s been there forever and is always busy.

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