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Morone’s Wednesday Pizza Buffet – French Fry Pizza

Posted by cmh gourmand on August 23, 2007

Morone’s Italian Villa

1490 Bethel Road

614 457 7444

Morone’s web site

I received a tip from an esteemed colleague about French Fry pizza at Morone’s. I found this fascinating. I am a huge fan of potato pizza, so French Fry pizza seemed – very decadent. How could you go wrong by mixing French and Italian cuisine? As if this was not enough, this pizza is featured as part of an all you can eat buffet that includes potato pizza and cookie pizza as well.

The price is $7.99 for an impressive spread – soup, salad bar, six entrees, Italian bread and a variety of pizzas. The buffet is Wednesday only – 5:30 to 8:00 PM. I could not get a decent photo of the French Fry Pizza but it looks fantastic. The fries are thick, shoestring style and well cooked. The sauce had a strong ketchup component to it. The combination of ingredients and flavors may seem odd – but it worked well. The cookie pizza had more than enough chocolate and sweetness to satisfy even with a very thin slice. I thought there was a good selection of pizzas and entrees – which included lasagna, two chicken dishes, meatballs and a couple pastas.


Service was great – my water glass stayed full and the server gave me a heads up when the French Fry pizza came out of the oven and on to the buffet – she could tell I was worried about missing out on the experience.


There is also a lunch buffet 11 AM to 2 PM which is similar. The regular menu was full of a variety of typical Italian fare as well as some interesting items such as fried chicken salad, barbecue pizza, as well as deep dish and Sicilian style pizzas.


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