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Short North Secrets

Posted by CMH Gourmand on October 17, 2007

The Short North has a lot going on all the time. It might seem inaccessible or even too cool for some people. Such is not the case. Here are a few tidbits that might improve your Short North experience.

Beat the crowds and find a convenient parking space

The best days to hit the Short North are Sunday and Tuesday. Sunday promises free parking meters and some decent chances at finding an easy parking spot. A few places might be closed or open later in the day – but for the most part all of the Short North is open to you. Tuesday nights are basically dead – you can hit almost any restaurant in the area without reservations or a long wait. In the restaurant biz – the freshest food day is often Tuesday – after Monday deliveries.  The main challenge is finding a place for lunch on a Saturday – (Betty’s and Rigsby’s will cover you.)  And another time – Short North on an OSU game day…. better odds for an open table.  

Two Tuesday night special spots

The Rossi


895 North High Street


This is the closest to true NY style pizza I have found in town. The toppings are top notch. The bottom crust is thin and might collapse on you if you do not do the classic NY fold before your first bite. The end crust is slightly crisp and chewy – perfect. The Rossi is more bar than restaurant, but this means you can get quick service if you hit this spot late on a weeknight, especially after 9 PM on a Tuesday. Mix in a mojito and you have a perfect night for $20.


793 North High Street

Columbus, OH 43215


Richard Rosendale is a culinary star. He has been a chef in some of the finest kitchens in Europe and the United States. He is team captain of the 2008 US Culinary Olympic Team. He has won over 40 national and international culinary medals. He was named 2005 Chef of the Year. And, he opened his first restaurant ever, in Columbus. Good call Richard! If you want to sample the food and the atmosphere on the fly – slink into the bar on a Tuesday or Wednesday night around 8:00 PM and try out the bar menu. Lamb Slyders and fries…not bad.

Matt, the man behind the bar at Rosendales, also has some good beer tastings in the works. One will be on October 25th at 7 PM – with a tasting of 30 American Microbrews with some light appetizers. This one does require a reservation. Cost is $30.

One Response to “Short North Secrets”

  1. Miranda said

    Thanks for the tip on the beer tasting! It was a fun event with good beers and fun pub food. There was a butter-chive popcorn that was amazing. The staff was also very welcoming. I am looking forward to going back for an actual dinner.

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