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Some Things to Chew On….

Posted by CMH Gourmand on February 12, 2008

File under events a food lover should know about:

North Market Fiery Foods Festival – Saturday February 16th

North Market Chef Series Cooking Classes

  • February 13 Chef Rick Lopez – Trattoria La Tavola
  • February 27 Chef John Skaggs – L’Antibes
  • March 12 Chef Matt Prokopchak -Trattoria Roma
  • March 26 Chef Matt Langstaff – Bexley’s Monk

Hills Market Cooking Classes

Passport to Puglia (The Heel of Italy) with Chef Emma Minoli

February 19, 2008 | 6.30 p.m.

Chef Michael Frame, Bon Vie (formerly of Spagio, Worthington Inn, and Lindey’s)

February 26, 2008 | 6.30 p.m.

Passport to Venice with Chef Emma Minoli

March 13, 2008 | 6.30 p.m.

Classes are $45 and include food with wine pairings.

Slow Food Columbus

Colleen Braumoeller, the Slow Food Columbus Convivium Leader has announced this new group will be hosting an event in the near future to promote the slow food movement. Another person involved in this group is Lisa – of the Restaurant Widow.

A contest to be Barista for a day at Crimson Cup

One winner will be randomly selected to spend a day with Chief Espresso Officer at Crimson Cup, Armando Escobar in learning the true art of being a “Barista”. The winner will shadow Armando in the Crimson Cup coffee shop located in Clintonville, Ohio and at the headquarters where the coffee is made bean to cup.

Registration for the contest closes February 29, 2008.

Up for a NYC field trip? George Motz sent me notice of the NYC Food Film Festival. This will be June 14th to 20th.

3 Responses to “Some Things to Chew On….”

  1. chef john skaggs said

    slow food fest? how can i participate? (CMH Note: John Skaggs is currently chef at L’Antibes, 2007 Fiery Foods Festival Chili champ and a damn good cook!)

  2. Bear said

    Hi John,

    Slow Food Columbus is just getting rolling. In general our information is on our main website at, and information about the event mentioned above is under the Event tab. The site will be getting a facelift, most likely over the weekend, and probably at that time more specifics about the event will be up. More generally, though, drop us a line — we’re big L’Antibes fans and would love to be in touch!!

  3. Colleen said

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks a bunch for giving a nod to Slow Food Columbus. Our first event will be held at Cafe del Mondo (fourth street) March 20 by paid reservation only. Keep your eyes peeled for the final details sooner than soon, as Bear previously mentioned, at . We will be planning lots of great events. Anyone that would like to know more about the movement or to be involved, contact us via the website. Chef John– we snails will be in touch…

    Slow Food Columbus
    Convivium Leader

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