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A Short North Sunday – L’Antibes

Posted by CMH Gourmand on February 15, 2008

772 N. High St.
Short North
Brunch at L’Antibes is reasonably priced, relaxed and feels really European… a great way to start a lazy Sunday. The price is fixed at $15. Here is a sample of what to expect.

First Course
Crème fraiche with warm lingonberry jam
and brioche toast
Assorted cheese plate
Second Course
Poached Eggs Normandy, spinach and hollandaise
Quiche with boar bacon and asiago with young greens
Lobster Potato Gratin with “sunnyside up” egg
French Toast with fig jam and vanilla bean syrup

Brunch is Sunday only from 11AM to 3PM. This is a fine introduction to this restaurant and should be enticing enough for you to want to come back for a special lunch or dinner. The servers are well versed in the menu. They are more than happy to guide you through the menu or go in to detail on an item. L’Antibes puts the fun in French.

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