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For the Ides of March: My top 15 of the last year

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 15, 2008

In no particular order, these are my top 15 food related experiences in the last 366 days

1) The Praline Scone at Northstar

Northstar baked goods

2) Macaroons at Pistachia Vera <posted September 2007>

3) Breakfast and free cookies at Bette’s Oceanview Diner in Berkley, CA (I told Michael Stern about it, so I was there first…!!)

4) Christina – server at Tony’s Ristorante in the Brewery District – funny, well versed in the menu and we both like artichokes.

5) Eating a Double Beanie Burger with George Motz at Gahanna Grille <posted March 2007 – and I am mentioned in his book which comes out in April>

6) Being a judge at the North Market for the Fall Harvest Festival <posted September 2007>

7) Hills Market Wine and Cheese tastings <posted December 2007>

8) Dinner at The French Room, Dallas TX – The best service I have ever experienced at a restaurant (preceeded and followed by the best service at a Hotel – The Fairmont – Dallas, TX)

9) Sharing the Nightmare Sandwich experience at the Corral Sandwich Shop with Kevin and B.A. <CMH Foodcast – Episode 4>

10) The revitalized CBC – especially the Pecan Torte, the Cuban Trio Burrito, and keg tapping nights <posted October 2007>

11) Lunch at O’Betty’s in Athens, followed by dinner at Casa Nueva across the street

12) Ratatouille – the movie not the dish

13) Hotdawgapalooza 2008 – 10 types of hot dogs, 15 types of mustard

14) Breakfast at Magnolia Cafe, Austin, TX

15) Rossi Pizza – what I crave <posted October 2007>

Runner Up – The United States of Arugula – great book about the history of American food culture

Second Runner up – the Dagwood Challenge with the Columbus Underground crew

Third Runner Up – the $2.95 Buffalo Shrimp and Blue Cheese Cole Slaw, on the bar menu at Columbus Fish Market. Best way to spend three dollars. <posted May 2007>

Fourth Runner Up – Ginger Ale at NorthStar

3 Responses to “For the Ides of March: My top 15 of the last year”

  1. Bear said

    Wow. I never would have thought that there were eighteen things that could beat the ginger ale at Northstar.

  2. The Columbus Beer Wench said

    The ginger ale recipe at Northstar is silly easy. I’m sure even you could improve up on it. Also, I’ve made the praline scones before. They are pretty damn good. BUT the best pralines are from New Orleans -Aunt Sally’s. OMG they will make you just have a heart attack and die.

    I love the Rossi pizza as well.

  3. Bear said

    I agree that the recipe is simple… but that’s one of the reasons I think it’s so hard to improve upon, actually. So I’m afraid even your tenuous faith in my culinary talents may be misplaced. 😉

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