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Delicacies by Sheri – (High Street Bakery Hop, Stop #1)

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 17, 2008

Sheri's Photo

5320 North High St
Columbus, OH 43214


This is the type of place a person drives by each day and it just falls off the radar. I passed by this business twice a day during the work week for years and never dropped in. Due to the screens on the windows, the place usually looks closed and the parking lot is not ideally accessible. Every once in a while I would think I should pop in but I never acted, it was not convenient. However, fate intervened, the weekend before Thankgiving, I strategically picked up two pies from Just Pies; pumpkin and pecan. Try getting a good pie the last couple days before Turkeyfest – it is damn hard. Fun to watch but demoralizing to live through. I had learned the hard way in the past so I was not going to get pie in my face again. I got my pies before the crazed last minute rush.

I let my dad house sit for me that weekend. I came home Sunday evening to find one empty shell of a pumpkin pie in my refrigerator…. my dad said it was great! I knew I was screwed. I was a day late and a pie short

The following Tuesday, I remembered Delicacies by Sheri – it was worth a shot!. When I burst in at closing time, they had two pies left – no pumpkin pies but a very good looking cherry crumb pie. As I waited for my selection to get boxed up, I picked out a few cookies and read an older article about Sheri’s Grandma B’s Peanut Cookie. Things looked promising and if not – at least I had something. The peanut cookie was great. The cherry crumb pie was a 9.8 on the Pie Goodness Scale (PGS). I now drop in from time to time to sample new cookies. They mix up their mix of cookies frequently so you never know what they will have. They rarely have much else available on the fly – everything is made from scratch and usually on request. They will stock a few pies and other things before big holidays for walk in traffic – which they would love to see more of. However, they make their bread and butter on specialty cakes. I have not tried one yet – that is another post.

2 Responses to “Delicacies by Sheri – (High Street Bakery Hop, Stop #1)”

  1. Dave said

    Thanks, this is cool. I too pass by every day and have never thought to go in. Sounds like some unique fare.

  2. Tracey said

    Sheri did our wedding cake. It tasted SO good. I only ate a small piece during the reception (had to look good in the dress, you know!!), but I planned on pigging out in it later. We purchased a cake that served 50 more guests than we invited – plenty of leftovers, right? Well do you know, there wasn’t a scrap left….nothing! I found out later that people are 2, 3, and EVEN 4 servings. It has been 3 years, and people are still talking about that cake.

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