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Handel’s: Exhibit D – Ice Cream Capital of the World

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 27, 2008

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt
5665 Feder Road

6820 Refugee Road
Canal Winchester

399 W. Olentangy Street

Handel’s ice cream began in Youngstown in 1945. The first location was in a garage along a one-way alley. Handel’s quickly became a local landmark culminating when the original owner Alice Handel was presented with a key to the city and the alley was renamed Handel’s Court. For many years Handel’s has been listed in the media among the country’s top ten ice creams. Recent national recognition was in 2006 when Handel’s was named the number one ice cream in the 10 Best of Everything by National Geographic.

Chris DiAngelo and Craig Zeroski grew up in Youngstown and loved Handel’s as kids. They became familiar with Columbus while attending OSU and remained here to work in different jobs. Handel’s started franchising in the 1990’s it was time to import something other than a football coach from Youngstown. Chris and Craig wanted to work for themselves, they loved Columbus and they had a hunch that Handle’s suited the tastes of central Ohio. They opened their first Handle’s in 2002 and they now have three locations.

Chris and Craig have preserved every thing that made the original Handel’s so popular. The ice cream is made fresh in each store using a machine that is manufactured specifically for Handel’s. The focus is on the customer and the community. Each location supports local charities with fundraising and ice cream. Each Handel’s is a walk up stand (like the original) with multiple ordering windows designed for leisurely licking in a neighborhood instead an anonymous transaction in a strip mall. Handel’s has a reputation for not skimping on ingredients so customers like the overabundance of “stuff” in each flavor.

There are well over 50 flavors available including Spouse like a House, Deep Dish Apple Pie, Graham Central Station, Tin Lizzy and, not surprising in OSU crazed Columbus, Buckeye. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the choices listed on the board, which includes yogurt, ices, and more. If you can’t decide, go with Chocolate Pecan – it is the flavor of choice in Youngstown where some people have never had anything else – why mess with a good thing?

3 Responses to “Handel’s: Exhibit D – Ice Cream Capital of the World”

  1. Ryan said

    I grew up in Youngstown loving Handel’s and am very pleased to know I don’t have to drive back to enjoy their delicious ice cream. Graham Central Station is a must try for anyone!

  2. Lorence said

    I’m fortunate to live not too far from the Fedder Rd location (not too close either, which s actually a good thing for my waistline).
    I love the Chocolate Malt with Caramel ice cream, but be very careful when ordering – I’ve wound up with a chocolate malt topped with caramel – still pretty good, but NOT the same…

    BTW, this series is great. I can’t wait for the next installment!

  3. Colleen said

    haha yes! your articles are so well-researched. as a native of youngstown, i love me some handels. i wish there were a location closer to osu! and it is definitely true about the chocolate pecan!

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