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Pancake Postscript

Posted by CMH Gourmand on February 22, 2009

A few notes on the Pancake Breakfast for Zoe.

The turnout was incredible, inspiring and maybe a bit intimidating. Organizers were thinking / hoping for 150 pancake eaters. At one point, early in the week as more and more offers of food were coming in, I privately wondered what would happen to the leftovers – could there be room at the Clintonville Community Resource Center for them? Um, well, that was not a concern. When I arrived at 9:15 with some sausage (thanks Cedar Cress) and the Pleiades Maple Products Maple Gift (Sap) Bucket, the 150 goal was already hit. Oh, my!

Breakfast is not my favorite meal and pancakes are not my preferred morning entree – but I loved these pancakes.

wheat pancakes

wheat pancakes

standard pancakes a la Pattycake

standard pancakes a la Pattycake

gluten free, not flavor free pancakes

gluten free, not flavor free pancakes

Jenni and Sarah from Pattycake Bakery along with many volunteers created batch after batch of pancakes. It is estimated about 500 people came for breakfast, that is a lot of mixing, pouring and flapjack flipping. Pancakes were served with apple topping, chocolate chips and real maple syrup. Added to that – sausage, waffles, fruit, orange juice, tea and coffee.

 sausage links from Cedar Cress and sausage patties courtesy of Bettys

sausage links from Cedar Cress and sausage patties courtesy of Betty's

As I stood in line I listened to good music and about 15 minutes later, I sat down to eat my feast.

breakfast gourmand

breakfast gourmand

This was an impressive example of a community of people coming together. I had to leave early to judge at the Fiery Food Festival. As I left, the parking lot as well as the neighboring street was full of cars. Friends of mine arriving at 10:45 reported they waited in line for 45 minutes due to the number of people queued for pancakes. I thank them all for sticking it out. Later arrivals did get to listen to local musician Megan Palmer, a local performer that fate continues to deny me opportunities to see live.

Congratulations to all of the volunteers, pancake makers, milk pourers, the clean up crew and others on a memorable morning.

Snowville Creamery Milk

Snowville Creamery Milk

Jenni from Pattycake and Amy a breakfast organizer

Jenni from Pattycake and Amy a breakfast organizer

I became attached to the Pleiades Gift Bucket during my drive from the Worthington Winter Farmers Market to drop it off at the Maple Grove Church, so I bid and won it in the silent auction. Now I can make my own pancakes unless I can talk Jenni into coming out of retirement for a smaller order.

For those of you skeptical about a gluten free panacake – it was my favorite. This is exhibit 43 that Vegan baking makes tasty treats.

2 Responses to “Pancake Postscript”

  1. Sara said

    This was a WONDERFUL event. Also the best $5 breakfast I have ever eaten and totally worth a 45 minute wait. I don’t know Zoe, but truly hope that the funds from this event make her fight the smallest bit easier. Thanks to all of the organizers for doing such an amazing thing for a person who is clearly cherished in the community.

  2. Amy Mallat said


    Thanks for all you did to make this event an overwhelming–and delicious–success. Nice write-up, too. Thank you to all the generous folks who donated food, time, and energy and to everybody who came out and ate with us. Spaghetti dinner, anyone? We’ll keep you posted.

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