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Apron Gala Gourmand Grabbag Ready for May 16th

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 9, 2009

The Gourmand Grabbag is good to go for the The North Market Apron Gala on May 16th. The Gala is a fundraiser for the market. A ticket for $75 gets you appetizers, entrees, treats and giveaways from North Market merchants. You also get wine, Columbus Brewing Company Microbrews, assorted other beverages, music and more.

Prizes are awarded for best apron in several categories. There is also a gift basket / prize auction. The auction is where I spring to action.

The Gourmand Grabbag is a North Market reusable shopping bag filled with goodies. I have recreated 24 Hours of Gourmand for the highest bidder. The lucky winner will get to recreate a day in my life (just the lucky/good parts of my day).

The day starts with donning a Taco Trucks Columbus Tour Shirt (XL). The logo was created by local artist Robert Patricy known in the food world for his paintings for the Grape Event as well as a work that is at the Elevator Brewery-Draught Haus. The shirt is from Skreened in Clintonville and has a retail value of $20.

The first stop of the 24 Hours of Gourmand is at Pattycake Bakery for baked goods. I suggest going on a Saturday for an orange sticky bun and some tollhouse cookies. The grabbag has a $15 gift certificate to cover this. This is Vegan “baking so good it tastes like bacon“.

Next on the line up is a trip to the North Market with shopping bag in tow to tote. A $20 gift certificate for the Greener Grocer will buy some greens, 2 Silos Eggs, Snowville Creamery milk and/or some other organic goodness for breakfast the next day.

A $5 North Market gift certificate is provided to allow for incidentals such as cheese from Curds and Whey or a scoop of Jeni’s Ice Cream.

All of this shopping will make one hungry. A $25 gift certificate is provided for a meal (lunch suggested) at any of the Betty’s Family of Restaurants – Surly Girl, Betty’s, Tip Top and maybe Dirty Franks if it is open.

The best way to work off a lunch is a stroll through German Village. At the end of your walk, make a call at Pistacia Vera for some desserts to go. A Pistacia Vera Gift Card (in a wonderfully wrapped gift box) is provided. This was a donation by Anne from Pistacia Vera. I was so stunned I did not look at the dollar amount.

A Dine Originals Gift Certificate for $30 is provided as a contribution for dinner or snack out on the town at any of the 40 plus independent Dine Originals Restautrants. My personal suggestions would include a visit to another of the Betty’s Restaurants, Alana’s, Basi Italia, G. Michaels or new Dine Originals member Deepwood.

Because you are living a day in my life, two Shout wipes are provided for the inevitable spills.

Since all of this running around might wind you down, breakfast is at home the next day. Breakfast (value exceeds $35) includes Pleiades Farms Maple Syrup, The Blueberry Patch Buttermilk Pancake Mix and one pound of Yeah Me Too coffee.

That ends 24 Hours of Gourmand. There will be many other gift packages to bid on as good as or better than mine. I might throw in a few more items if I get time.

The whole Columbus Foodcast Crew will be at the Apron Gala doing our best to podcast the action for those that miss it.

One Response to “Apron Gala Gourmand Grabbag Ready for May 16th”

  1. teamtim said

    What a great grab-bag! All the more reason to go to the gala.

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