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The Mother of All Bake Sales and Breast Cupcakes????

Posted by CMH Gourmand on June 11, 2009

Bake Sale and Rummage Sale to Support Zoe Buyalos(Here we go again)

Saturday, June 20
9am to 4pm
Clinton Heights Lutheran Church
15 Clinton Heights Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43202
(One block south of N Broadway on N. High St.)
Clinton Heights Web Page

Clintonville resident Zoe Buyalos, continues to battle breast cancer with the help of Komen Columbus and the Clintonville community.

If you are interested in other ways you can help take a look at: Zoe Buyalos Fund

The mother of all bake sales will be on June 20th. There may or may not be breast cupcakes. We will not know until Saturday morning. I walked into Pattycake Bakery asking for breasts and was told there were none to be sampled. So we will see if the creative powers of Pattycake can produce them in time, if not, Jennie and her merry band of bakers will still have plenty vegan crafted goodies.

Cupcake Heaven:  No A, B or C Cup Cakes Here

Cupcake Heaven: No A, B or C Cup Cakes Here

Columbus City Code allows all citizens to go topless without consequence (unless a riot ensues). The same applies to baked goods. You may recall the pancake breakfast back in February (see my February 15th post). At that time, there was a scheme to have breast pancakes with the help of strategically placed chocolate chips. When word of this filtered to the chief clergyman at the church there was a very loud “oh my goodness” and the breast pancakes were dropped to spare the impressionable children. This time – it is no holds barred because what happens in South Clintonville stays there.

So what is this breast fixation all about: breast cancer. Zoe has it. Fighting cancer is hard enough, not having health insurance does not make the battle any easier. Eat a cupcake, buy some baked goods and in the process – help out a future breast cancer survivor.

Baked goods are being supplied by: Pattycake Bakery, Buckeye Donuts, Surly Girl, Lavash Cafe, Mozarts, individual bakers and maybe more morsels by other baked good vendors. Artisan bakers from the Clintonville Farmers Market: Emily’s Sweet Tooth (homemade candies), Bread from Petite Boulangerie, handmade pretzels from Bretzel and others will have special items as well. Coffee will be provided by Global Gallery.

Live local music will come from the likes of Megan Palmer, Miss Molly, Andy Shaw, Matt Monta, Keenan Wade and more.

Prices will range from 50 cents or a dollar for individual cookies, cupcakes and whatnot to $5 for bread, and $10 cakes / pies. One dollar buys a cup of coffee, which is a bargain since it is fair trade organic with Snowville Creamery free range cream.

If you care to donate, contact Amy Mallat

One Response to “The Mother of All Bake Sales and Breast Cupcakes????”

  1. Amy Mallat said

    Yet another great food event to support Zoe Buyalos, thanks to all our wonderful local bakeries, restaurants, artisan bakers and people’s aunties who donated sugary goodness. We went well over our fundraising goal on this one. Highlights included Zoe’s favorite chocolate-covered blueberries from Emily’s Sweet Tooth (find them at Pearl Alley Market), gorgeous cakes from Mozart’s and Alana’s which sold pretty much instantaneously, Katzingers Pickles (one volunteer could not stop eating these), my personal favorite Surly Girl cayenne chocolate cupcakes, beautiful delicious mini-cupcakes from Pattycake Vegan bakery (pistacio rosewater was the most popular), and a lemon cupcake with creamcheese frosting that one of Zoe’s friends brought. We are in the midst of an email silent auction for a bread subscription from Hayman Farm, email if you want in on it, and I just ate the last Surly Girl cupcake for breakfast. See you at the next event (look for us selling pizza by the slice outside local music venues this summer).

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