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LNS: Late Night Slice

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 13, 2009

Late Night Slice
about 20 feet South of 1038 North High Street
(or 30 yards from Bodega)
Hours (In theory)
Thursday to Saturday 8 PM to 4 AM

I was driving north on High Street – trying to explain the concept of hipsters to my Nascar Hippie co-pilot by pointing out examples strolling, stumbling and strutting along the street.

My head did a double take a couple times, but locked on to a small shack with a neon sign, a cluster of tables and young people engaged in food consumption. If it was not 11:00 at night I would have thought it was a picnic.

Circling around for a better look I spied a neon pizza sign and knew some sampling was in order. I selected a triangle slice of pepperoni pizza for $3. It was nothing fancy, just a large, droopy slice of pizza with a slightly spicy sauce. Exactly what one craves during and after enjoying the ambiance of the Short North late at night.

Sides include: movies shown on the wall of the building next door and some beverages.

This pizza was designed to be consumed after the consumption of alcohol and/or to fill the void in ones soul after the kitchens of Bodega, Surly Girl and the like are closed or if the queues are too long to dine or invest time. Come for the pizza – stay for the signs.

There are plenty of pizza places and restaurants in the Short North – my favorite pie being at the Rossi. Z Pizza sells by the slice. However a late night business with sassy signs and a bare bones budget deserves a stop. Patronizing Late Night Slice is kind of like buying from a 6 year old kid with a lemonade stand – you have to stop or you might get bad karma.

6 Responses to “LNS: Late Night Slice”

  1. cxChuck said

    Ok, I give. Where is this place?

  2. pmgal said

    If memory serves, it is on the east side of the street just north of Fireproof Records in this tiny little chain link fence enclosed parking lot.

  3. hungrywoolf said

    Hey old man….
    What’s with the ‘young people engaged in food consumption’?


  4. They’re in the parking lot next door to Bodega. East side of High. Highly recommended. We stopped by for Gallery Hop earlier this month and enjoyed it.

  5. Natalie said

    It’s really great! Boogie Nights was playing on the wall and they have Faygo! I love thee. Best pepperoni too. I ate mine NY Style. Had my brother with me from Cali…..totally kitchy.

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