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The Ides of March III: Another 15 Favorite Food Moments from the Past Year

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 14, 2010

This is the time of year when I reflect on what I have eaten, learned and done in the last 365 days that made an impression on me. The most important part of each involves the people that joined, supported or read about these moments in time. These are in order of magnitude.

When Hungry Woolf and I started researching Taco Trucks in early 2009 she was working on a research paper and we were both thinking we might do a blog post. Then we discovered there were over thirty taco trucks in Columbus. We added Taco Drew to the crew and a blog was born. The Taco Trucks became a sensation with a newspaper, social media and television blitz. We made friendships and received help from Johnny DiLoretto, Robin Davis, Kevin Joy, a score of taco truck owners and many, many Mexican food fans. I learned a lot about the Latino community of the West Side and felt a sense that what I was doing was more than just eating well but may also be about making something better!

2) Someone cares!
Being named top Columbus Underground events for 2009! Best Columbus Underground Event of 2009 – Pizza Grand Prix IV and runner up – Taco Truck Meet-Ups

No event is a the result of one person. Working with my friends as well as Walker, Wild Goose Creative and a cast of fooders (an alternative to foodies) makes for some memorable nights and meals.

3) O’Reilly’s
I have always loved O’Reilly’s but in the last year I have really reconnected with the place. I also found my muse there, a discovery which is priceless. Everyone should have a muse, especially if that muse knows when and how to kick you in the ass (when needed) and forces you stay out late for inspiration.

4) Collaboration
The food community in Columbus is incredibly interconnected and collaborative. I am lucky to be able to have access to an amazing group of people that create events I love. Wild Goose Creative, The North Market, Slow Food Columbus, Columbus Underground, Columbus food bloggers, social and traditional media writers, the Betty’s family of restaurants, Pattycake Bakery, House Wine….. the list goes on. There are hundreds of people in town that when asked if they can help, donate, volunteer or promote doing something will always say yes. That is how fun things get done.

5) The Pattycake Bakery Tollhouse Cookie
This cookie has saved my mental health on at least five instances.

6) Restaurant Weeks in Columbus
From zero to four in one year. I enjoy the Dine Originals version much more than the 614 incantation but both have inspired some great meals and have gotten people out to a few of our star restaurants for the first time.

7) Pistacia Vera
Spencer and Anne are among the nicest people I have met. They create great treats that earn attention outside of the capital city.

8) (8) Jeni’s Ice Cream
Another business that puts Columbus on the map and seems to be willing to donate time, money and resources to countless noble causes.

9) Surviving my first “big” event
I planned a two day tour of the Athens food community for Slow Food Columbus in June of 2009. I had a lot of help. There were a couple of moments when I thought I might not survive the weekend, but I did. The rain stopped at the last possible moment and each of our hosts were incredibly generous with their time. In particular I want to thank the Taylor family (Snowville Creamery) for letting our group camp at their farm.

10) Lola’s (see August 2009 post)
I missed this restaurant when it first opened. I am glad I found it later.

11) Deepwood (see April 2009 post)
This place continues to improve and refine. Deepwood is under-appreciated. Amanda is my favorite server. We both amuse each other between courses and I appreciate that she encourages me to eat multiple desserts. If you have not delved into Deepwood, give them a shot.

12) Montreal (see my August 2009 post)
Unlike many only children, I have never enjoyed any event when the focus is on me. Therefore, whenever possible I flee Columbus to avoid any recognition of my birth. I find a place to be alone and recharge for another year. Montreal was the perfect place to hide and the second time I chose Canada as my hideout country.

13) Austin (see my December 2009)
There are three places in the world where I feel I belong: Australia, Athens and Austin. I created my perfect trip to Austin and would be happy to recreate it every year.

14) Defeat
I caved in. I started twittering and bought an iPhone. I think that makes me a Social Media guru? Getting an iPhone is a food writers dream. Everything I need (web, wordpress, maps, camera and etc.) is in my pocket including the Fromage app which allows me to think about cheese when I need a break from something less important.

15) An Omnivores Dilemma and Curse – Corrected
I went way overboard in 2009. I enjoyed too much food, too often, for too long. The consequence was an extra 50 pounds and a lack of focus. I might blame 8% of my initial downfall on Details and a great late night cocktail list with an inspired menu. Details is gone. My weight is moving back in the right direction. I have returned to saying no to food on occasion and I have become reacquainted with my kitchen. Some of my best days are when I can come home from work, cook something simple then sit with my dog and a (food related) book with the intention to do nothing else for the rest of the day.

4 Responses to “The Ides of March III: Another 15 Favorite Food Moments from the Past Year”

  1. Susan W. said

    You have been busy! I look forward to seeing an image of your new business card on this blog. I’m sure that something could be blocked out if you are worried about id theft.
    Glad to hear that everything is moving in the right direction.
    Hungrywoolf is bringing more Ohio maple syrup on Wednesday.

  2. Bear said

    I have to laugh at #9, “Surviving my first big event.” We never would have known that he doesn’t plan those sorts of events regularly — the Athens trip went off like clockwork. So well, in fact, that the Slow Food Columbus board said, “We could use his help planning more events.” The curse of success….

  3. dave said

    I’ve read this a few times and get something new out of it each time.

    1. I like fooders.
    2. Can’t wait to try O’Reilly’s.
    3. I am ashamed I still haven’t made it to Pattycake.
    4. An iPhone. I drool when I see them and I resist with all my might. I fear being a walking zombie staring at my handheld rectangle of data instead of at the world. I also fear it may someday be in my future.

    CMH G answers:
    1. Something about the term Foodie bugs me, it is like Trekkies and Trekkers I guess.
    2. When you go, get a pepper burger. I can be your guide if needed.
    3. You should be very ashamed. You have until the end of the year to go and if you do not you will be asked to leave Clintonville.
    4. You will be assimilated. The iPhone is a power hog – that may save you from having the umbilical connection to the internet 24/7.

  4. Tom said

    You would like Neighbors Deli on Henderson near City BBQ get the Reuben

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