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Easter Bunny Beware!

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 4, 2010

CMH Tobias before the festivities

CMH Mom and I have our own fun spins on holiday meals. For Christmas we go to a Chinese restaurant and for many Thanksgivings we would go to Waffle House for breakfast. For Easter, we create an Easter Egg hunt for CMH Tobias. Each egg is filled with scrambled eggs or sausage then placed in the backyard for discovery.

This year we had a bit of a twist. A bunny has been popping into and out of the yard all day and CMH Tobias is patiently waiting for a supplement to his holiday meal. So far Easter Bunny – 3, CMH Tobias – 0. Toby is currently hiding in the the raspberry bushes waiting for round four. As an Appalachian Porch Hound, he has a taste of game and refuses to come back inside. We will see how the day goes. (And yes, I do have some self loathing for engaging in dog blogging).

2 Responses to “Easter Bunny Beware!”

  1. Lucky dog! I only got one egg with a rawhide. Good luck with the rabbits!

    Your dog blog pal,
    Devie, big hound in the kitchen

    (I just one upped the dog dorky-ness by commenting as my dog. Sigh, Rachel)

  2. DianaHayes said

    Love the doggy treats in the yard. Does he have to pop them open himself? I’m not sure I would trust my dog to know what to eat from what not to eat. Though if it was a bunny, she would consider that the eat pile.

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