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Denise’s Ice Cream: A Pictoral Post

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 18, 2010

I occasionally forget about Denise's Ice cream. I should not. It is part of my community, within biking distance. They make good ice cream that pairs well with Pattycake Bakery tollhouse cookies from just down the street.

My first job was at Knight's Ice Cream in Clintonville. One of the greatest challenges was trying to translate the terms people would use when requesting a cone type. This solves the problem.

Denise's added new signage since last summer. With over 50 flavors, the new layout makes the decision making process much easier.

These are the modes for ice cream delivery. One option is for a scoop of ice cream a la mode on a homemade brownie.

There is more diversity at Denise's than most people know. Here is an example.

Denise's has a big blackboard for distracting kids and for philosophical pondering, such as this message: dear ice cream god, thank you for the refreshing deserts. Think you're gorgeous.

Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos - Ben Franklin. (but not really).
(( I can say from a personal standpoint that my life would be dire without dairy.))

If you would like to get the scoop here is where to go:
Denise’s Homemade Ice Cream
2899 North High Street

5 Responses to “Denise’s Ice Cream: A Pictoral Post”

  1. Amy B. said

    Cute signages! Would be nice to go and visit the place sometime, but I’m too far. HAHA 😦

  2. Amber said

    Where are the pictures of most important part, the ice cream?

  3. Roland said

    Highly recommend the Carrot Cake. It’s my favorite Denise’s flavor.

  4. Andrew Meador said

    So I heard Denise’s closed…when did this happen?

    CMH G Response: Denise’s appears to have closed in January. No official word. I have looked inside and everything is still in the shop. There are large for lease signs on the windows. I e-mailed their web site and no response. I hope that Stan and Denise are OK. Stan makes really good and underappreciated ice cream.

  5. […] world. Yes, THE WORLD. I’m sure there are
    plenty of other fantastic ice creameries (R.I.P.
    Denise’s) that made delicious chocolate ice cream (hell,
    Jeni’s also has Dark Chocolate Peppermint, […]

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