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Creating a Clintonville Cocktail

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 20, 2010

O'Reilly's - where dreams are born....

O’Reilly’s serves as the Sorbonne of Clintonville. It is the domain of muses, great ideas and grand schemes.

The evening started innocently as mine often do. I was at O’Reilly’s. I was consuming my first ever Irish Carbomb (a pint of Guinness with Bailey’s Irish Cream and a shot of whiskey). The dropped shot starts an explosion in the pint glass and therefore must be doused quickly. I can’t say the description of having to chug curdled alcohol was a selling point, but since I had never done this…I had to do it. I survived.

Afterwards, the bartender mentioned that she preferred Guinness with a shot of espresso vodka poured into it. I am not a Guinness fan so anything to make it more appealing will be pursued. Since I was already in an experimental mood, I ordered one of those. It was awesome. It had a milkshake quality to it which highlights the best of Guinness, the best of espresso and the best of vodka. When I left four hours later I had forgotten my find.

I returned a few weeks later and immediately remembered my new found friend. When I asked I about it, I was told the drink had no name. As I was drinking it, I started to think about beershakes that I sometimes make. Then I started twittering about the type of beershake I would make inspired by this O’Reilly’s concoction. There seemed to be a buzz about my buzz inspired creation.

The next day I acquired my supplies. I picked up two pints of Denise’s ice cream – Espresso Chip and Coffee Oreo. I then purchased a six pack of Guinness and a bottle of espresso vodka. At the check out line, the clerk noticed my odd array of items and asked what I had on my agenda. I explained my beershake concept to him. It appears that Kroger offers good customer service training, because the clerk said “I guess you would have to taste that to appreciate it” while his face was saying “what type of freaks do we let shop here now”. I was thinking “dude, you would be lucky to have a friend that would have the vision to create a beershake for you.”

This is the final version of an O’Reilly’s inspired beverage.

One scoop of Denise’s espresso chip ice cream
Guinness stout poured to the height of the ice cream
Pour in espresso vodka to taste
Blend, Pour, Drink. Repeat until supplies are exhausted. Don’t use twitter during this process.

So with all of this said and done, there is a point to this story. Columbus has long been in search of an identity. Other cities have distinctive foods that are part of their mystique and add moxie to their menus. New York has Reubens and hot dogs; Chicago has deep dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs; Philadelphia has Philly cheesesteaks. You get my drift. Columbus might never have a culinary calling card, but maybe Clintonville can.

This beershake was inspired at a Clintonville bar and uses Clintonville-churned ice cream. The concoction needs a name. What do you think it should be?

As for the Guinness and espresso vodka combo, that does not have a name either. Drop into O’Reilly’s, try this enhanced Guiness with a pepper burger then ponder on a good name over a game of Galaga. Do this for O’Reilly’s, do it for Clintonville and we will see what comes from this inspiration.

Update: In the Ville we now call the beer and vodka combo a Clintonville Cocktail (CC) and the version with ice cream the Clintonville Cocktail Royale (CCR).

4 Responses to “Creating a Clintonville Cocktail”

  1. Um… I want your beer shake. Nowplz. I’m having a beer float Tweetup at my house in the next few weeks, you should come and bring it! Mmmm.

    CMH G comment: I can comply with that request.

  2. Andrew said

    I think you hit on Columbus’s culinary calling card (say that three times fast!), which is ice cream. We love our frozen dairy round here, and are darned good at it.

  3. TFL said

    I believe you would find an appreciative crowd at Nerd Night… 🙂

    CMH G Response: Um, first rule of Nerd Night is: No one talks about Nerd Night. Second Rule of Nerd Night: I am the only non-Nerd.

  4. Update: the Clintonville Cocktail (Guinness with a shot of espresso vodka) when paired and mixed with ice cream will be known as the Clintonville Cocktail Royale.

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