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Good Pairings: Studio 35 – Beer, Movies and More

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 28, 2010

On Sunday I partook a pairing of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and a Columbus Brewing Company beer tasting at Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse. The place was packed which I was both glad and sad to see. It is great to see an event do well and this one clearly was meeting everyone’s expectations. However, I would like to see Studio 35 packed every single night. Combining beer and a movie makes for some magic. Studio 35 adds in more elements to take everything to the next level. I would like to see even more people support a place that does so much to support the community.

pee wee event

Let’s talk about beer. Studio 35 serves an ever changing variety of good craft beers. There is typically a glass special paired with a new beer. You buy a special pint glass (that you keep) and when you bring that glass with you it can be filled with the selected beer special at a discount. Good deal. The selections include a variety of local and regional microbrews.

beer list

Studio 35 also offers a growler special. A growler as in a big, giant container for beer. When you buy a Studio 35 growler you can continue to fill it up with a variety of beers. Then you can come back for another movie and fill it up again. Groovy.


growler list

There is typically a Sunday beer tasting once per month paired up with a classic movie. The tastings feature a beer expert to share brewing knowledge with tasters. Eight or more beer styles are offered for sampling and sipping. Most tasters have found it fun, informative and a good value, although the tastings may impair a person’s memory of the movie offering. Maybe that is why the tastings are teamed with classic movies – so you can miss parts and not feel cheated.

beer tasting

There are other events as well. Eric, the owner of Studio 35 appears to have some green leanings. The theater has served at a hub of for environmentally proactive documentaries such as King Corn. Other movies have included premiere’s by local film makers, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Three Amigos (as the finale of a Taco Truck Tour) and more. Studio 35 hosts showings of soccer matches and OSU football games. Another special event that can not be scheduled is an encounter with a ghost. Legend has it that the theater is haunted……

Standard movie food is offered at the counter as well as pizza from Clintonville Pizza a few feet down the street. Homemade cupcakes and other goodies also make an appearance but sell out quickly. There is a small bar between the counter and the theater with a few stools and booths as well as a large flat screen TV snyched with the main screen. This spot serves as a nice place to have a conversation without disturbing other moviewatchers.

clintonville pizza

That is my preview of what Studio 35 has to offer. Drop in and partake in the features I mentioned so you will see what the attraction is. I know this sounds like an ad however this post was inspired by a friend of mine that was frustrated that more people were not on board with all of the cool things (Zombie Walk) that Studio 35 supports and sponsors. Slide into the studio, have a beer, watch the show du jour and bring a friend.

Studio 35
3055 Indianola Avenue

2 Responses to “Good Pairings: Studio 35 – Beer, Movies and More”

  1. My favorite feature of Studio 35 (other than its location a mere 3 blocks from my house) is the old school comfortable seats. New movie theaters have monstrous plush things that seems to swallow me up; Studio has wide and well padded leather like seats with ample arm rests. Several rows in the back have benches and tables for pizza eating or seating with kids.

  2. Dave said

    If I won the lottery and bought a small place in Paris, I would come back to Columbus regularly for these events. I missed this one because we had about 10 people over the night before and I had approximately one cocktail per guest. Ouch.

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