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Posted by cmh gourmand on June 23, 2010

Comfest weekend is upon us. It will be hot. It will probably rain. There will be good music, good food and interesting people watching.

Take a lot of water and drink all of it.

I had a refresher alcohol server training for Comfest so I can tell you this fact: you will be carded with rigor and every alcohol law on the books will be observed strictly. Alcohol sales fully fund Comfest, any remaining profits are given to the community via grants. If Comfest loses their alcohol permit, then Columbus loses Comfest.

Please see the other signs below to help you prepare. Don’t drive – take the bus or ride your bike.



  1. Alana said

    Additionally, just because offices are nearby does mean that they are open to the public for people to trash and/or park and trash their parking lots.

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