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Thurn’s Specialty Meats: Summer Cookout Specialists

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 21, 2010

If you are going to grill meat at some point this summer and you care about the person(s) you grill for then you need to make a trip the Thurn’s Specialty Meats – commonly know as Thurn’s. For long time residents of Columbus a journey to the butcher shop of the Thurn Family is kind of a rite of culinary passage. Thurn’s is an amazing place for many reasons. It has been a family business in Columbus since 1886 – yes as in 124 years. The fourth generation of Thurn’s took the reigns in 1988. It is rare for a family business to survive one generational transfer let alone four, but they keep chopping away. To say that the place is “Old School” is an understatement. Most of us have not have exposure to a true butcher shop – this place is the real deal – they cut, chop, cure, smoke and do all things meat processing in their no frills shop. The employees wear collared shirts and ties. You could believe you were in the 1950’s or 1960’s looking around the unassuming and low key place. Their key to success is superior service. If you need a special cut or some advice, they will take care of you. There is an ancient cash register behind the counter but Thurn’s does not use it. Nor do the gentlemen and lady in the aprons take Amercian Express…or Visa, Discover or Mastercard. Orders are figured out on paper or a calculator and payment is in cash or check. Priceless.

There is a long display case that is often close to cleaned out late Saturday morning. It is full of all types of encased meats and an uncanny selection of what seems like all things carnivore. For example, bratwursts include: mild, hot, garlic, Sweet Italian, Smoked Pork, Cincinnati style and Smoked Teriyaki. There are over twenty varieties of sliced meats including non so household names like Schinken, Mustard Tongue, Thuringer, Souse, Head Cheese and Blood Sausage. These guys smoke their own meats and keep adding, instead of subtracting from their range of butchery.

Other selections include Ohio Cheeses, ham salad, homemade beef jerky and seasonally, Goetta.

The counter includes a diagram of a pig and at Thurn’s, you can get any cut from the pig possible. A new addition is smoked pork bones which were recently field tested by @CMHTobias.

Writing about the place and posting photos can’t do Thurn’s justice, just go, and go early.

Thurn Specialty Meats
530 Greenlawn Ave
(almost) Southside (Greenlawn exit on SR 71, exit to the west)
Thursday and Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 7 am to 1pm
Thurn’s on Facebook…really!

2 Responses to “Thurn’s Specialty Meats: Summer Cookout Specialists”

  1. Amber said

    That is a happy dog!

  2. […] on Thurn’s from Columbus Food Adventures and from CMH Gourmand. Share this:TwitterFacebookMoreRedditDiggEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This […]

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