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Taste of: The Future (Sept. 14th): Columbus (Sept. 28th) & Grandview (Oct. 3rd)

Posted by CMH Gourmand on September 12, 2010

If you are looking for something to do this fall and feel stumped, might I suggest eating.

There are many events over the next two months, three of them give you a broad taste of what our city has to offer.

Taste the Future is Tuesday – September 14th. Do not panic you can buy tickets at the door and there are no classes at Columbus State this week so there is plenty of easy, accessible and free parking. Columbus State Culinary arts students pair with local eateries and food service companies to offer an evening of incredible food. There are a bevy of beverages including beer and wine. Everything is included in your ticket. This is my third year eating at this event and I really look forward to it. If you are on the fence about going, check our this photo recap of last year by my friend Becke from Columbus Foodie (and try not to drool on your keyboard) Click Here.

More information available below:
Taste the Future

A Taste of Columbus is September 28th. Try not to gasp but I have not been to this event and I am unable to go. I know, for the Gourmand who eats everything, everywhere, this seems not right. The good news is I have one free ticket to give to someone.. The first person that posts “Give me the ticket Mr. Gourmand” (and includes an e-mail address) gets the prize. (If the winner cares to report back after, even better). This event benefits HomeReach Hospice and will feature the fare of Barcelona, Basi Italia, G. Michael’s, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, Latitude 41, The Refectory and others.

Find all the details below:
A Taste of Columbus

A Taste of Grandview Heights is on Sunday October 3rd. Grandview restaurants and foodsmiths serve and show off their best fare in McKinley Park (1661 Goodale Blvd) from 2 – 7 PM. If you do not spend much time in Grandview this is a great way to eat your way through the menu of restaurants this area has to offer.

For more information go to:
Facebook – Taste of Grandview Heights

Twitter – Taste of Grandview Heights

6 Responses to “Taste of: The Future (Sept. 14th): Columbus (Sept. 28th) & Grandview (Oct. 3rd)”

  1. Stephanie said

    Give me the ticket Mr. Gourmand!

    ::crosses fingers that I’m the first comment::

    I’d love to go to this!

    Your were the first comment – you win.

    Stefibeth @

  2. Shana Swartz said

    Please Give Me The Ticket Mr. Gourmand.


    Shana Swartz

    CMH G Reply: Sorry you were number 2.

  3. Will said

    Give me the ticket, Mr. Gourmand!

    CMH G Reply: Sorry you were number 3.

  4. Polly said

    Give me a ticket Mr Gourmand – please.

    CMH G Reply: Sorry you were number 4.

  5. Kate B said

    I was all set to demand the ticket, but I never can get a handle on how vegetarian-friendly something like this. I feel like a $50 ticket would be wasted on someone like me who won’t partake of meat or fish.

    CMH G Reply: Events like this usually have 1/2 or less of featured items that are vegetarian friendly. Maybe we need to see if we can grow and all vegetarian and/or gluten free charity event.

  6. Mike M said

    on the books for a fall bike ride.

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