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A Food-Based Mailbox Mystery

Posted by CMH Gourmand on November 13, 2010

And now for something completely different.

Some readers may recall the Eat Trout Mystery. I have a new one to add to the files. We will call this CMH Gourmand and the Case of the Placecard Quandry.

A couple weeks ago, late at night, on an evening that might best be described as wretched an unusual occurrence transpired. I was slumped and dazed on my couch with a very concerned CMH Tobias bringing me every toy he could locate. I heard some shuffling on my porch and heard the clunk of my mailbox closing. There was no knock at the door, this was intended as a stealth mission I suppose. I did not bother to check, for a variety of reasons. We have a new mail person on the street who is having problems getting mail to the right houses so I thought it might be a neighbor bringing a wayward letter home.

The next day I found what looked like a post card in the mailbox. I set it aside and forgot about it for days. When I finally picked it up I determined it was a placecard from a restaurant with no postage, address label or other mailing information. It is not unusual for me to get restaurant materials but it is unusual to have it personally delivered. It is also very unusual that the card is from La Bombonera in San Juan. See exhibits one and two below (the front and back of the card).

The odd thing is as follows: Seven people know the significance of this restaurant to me. I may have suggested it in passing to a handful of people traveling to Puerto Rico. No one in this small group of insiders has been to Puerto Rico this year or did the late night delivery of the card to me. I searched the interwebs to see if I ever wrote about La Bombonera or mentioned it in the public record – negative.

I have no idea where this came from or why. If I could dust it for fingerprints I would. I am happy to have the card for the good memories but I am perplexed by the manner of delivery.

While I continue in my puzzled and perplexed state let me share a bit about La Bombonera. This cafe is located in the heart of Old San Juan. It opened in 1902. I have a menu that a friend stole for me (sorry restaurant owners). The place is a bit run down but is full of class and character. The menu features Puerto Rican and Spanish dishes. Waiters are decked out in tuxedos, the clientele are mostly regulars and all were probably born before 1950. The fresh squeezed orange juice is prepared in front of you and pairs well with the hot climate. Pastries are over the top good and trace their roots to Majorca in Spain with items such as grilled Mallorca (rich, buttery, yummy pastries).

Puigy Abraham
La Bombonera
Cafeteria Mallorca
259 San Francisco Street
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

2 Responses to “A Food-Based Mailbox Mystery”

  1. Thad said

    Brother, with your network, there will always someone looking out for you!

  2. stephanie said

    Do you have your (stolen…it happens, I have done it before) menu on display somewhere? Perhaps someone who was once in your home stumbled upon the restaurant while on vacation in Puerto Rico and remembered your menu. One of the seven people told someone else? You told more than seven people and forgot? Hmmmm….keep us updated.

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