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Brezel: (The Power of Pretzels!) New at the North Market

Posted by CMH Gourmand on April 2, 2011

Sometimes the stars line up. If get you get really lucky, maybe galaxies align. In the case of Brezel, maybe, just maybe the universe has put everything in place for this post. Huh? It just so happens that April is National Soft Pretzel Month. I have been following the pretzel making path of Brezel for several years. Maria and Brittany are the chief dough makers and bakers at Brezel. They have kneaded their way into the bread business by being at nearly every event, farmer’s market and party they could find. They also placed their product at bars and grocery stores. The good will, word of mouth and fine tuning they gathered from working hard allowed them to find a home at the North Market. They recently opened their shop (near Clever Crow) so I dropped in to see them.

Brezel (there is a “_” over the e) makes and bakes and creates big, soft, chewy, Bavarian style pretzels. However, these are pretzels with an extra twist. The ladies of Brezel stuff their pretzels with a variety of flavors and top them with good, tasty things. They have standard pretzels every day and they serve several other varieties such as jalapeno, apple cinnamon, everything, habanero and more. If you want to dip your pretzels they have a variety of toppings for dunking and flavor enhancement. Maria and Brittany also bake pretzel buns, bites and pizza shells. A pretzel hot dog bun….oh yeah. I can attest to their pizza crusts as well – a Brezel pizza has a life expectancy of 43 seconds at Pizza Grand Prix. The Brezel gals are constantly tinkering in the kitchen so drop in and sample their latest creation or give them a flavor suggestion, they may just make it and bake it.

at the North Market
59 Spruce Street
Short North

Brezel on Urbanspoon

5 Responses to “Brezel: (The Power of Pretzels!) New at the North Market”

  1. I have yet to visit Brezel in their new location but frequently grab jalapeno and apple cinnamon pretzels at the farmers market. They make a great post-market breakfast!

  2. Bethany said

    Those look delicious. I need to try the apple cinnamon pretzel 🙂

  3. Jared R. said

    It’s very convenient for me now that I can wander from getting a slice at Clever Crow, and go about 10 feet further and get giant pretzels with delicious hot pepper cream cheese. I predict more weight gain in my immediate future.

  4. Taylor V. said

    YUMMMMMMMMMM!These are the most delicious pretzels I’ve ever had! Keep up the terrific work!

  5. Tippy Obrien said

    So glad they opened up a store front. Nothing else like their pretzels in town

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