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Yerba Buena (Aka El Arepazo Mobile) debuts in Clintonville

Posted by CMH Gourmand on May 28, 2011

It is interesting to see something come full circle. In the case of Yerba Buena it was serendipity for me. I was looking for my lost muse, having misplaced it when I stumbled on my life path this month. I was looking for something to recharge and refocus. Got it. I found it while driving home with a Hounddogs Pizza in my car. My first impression was that someone was selling a food trailer. I pulled in to check the price. Then I saw that someone was opening a food trailer called Yerba Buena. This was muy bueno because Yerba Buena is the mobile version of El Arepazo which means great food within walking distance of my house. El Arepazo started as a stall at the Latino Festival – then became a restaurant (which is still open) now they are heading back to their al fresco roots with a mobile food venture.

Carlos and Carolina Gutierrez are the husband and wife owners of the restaurant. They are taking the show on the road this summer with a launching point in Clintonville. Yerba Buena is in a car lot at the corner of Glenmont and North High Street (about 200 yards from my childhood home). I have a soft spot for mobile food. I have a really soft spot for El Arepazo because it is one of my favorite dining choices in town. It was also one of the first places I wrote of in the blog…..almost five years ago.

This section of Clintonville have been screaming for dining options for decades and now we have it. Let’s hope for a great summer for Yerba Buena to grow diversified dining in north Clintonville. Carlos and Carolina expect to be open Noon “until 8:30 pm” Wednesday to Saturday during the summer (note: hours are likely to change as the flow of business shows itself). You can follow their story at the El Arepazo Facebook page.

The mobile menu mirrors the restaurant menu and will expand over the summer. Items include arepas (corn cakes), plantains, chorizo, empanadas and assort Latino beverages. The trailer is large with a full service kitchen so if you can’t make it downtown for El Arepazo during the day, you can definitely make it to Clintonville at night to sample this incredible Venezuelan cuisine. The enthusiasm of Carlos and Carolina is infectious and their famous “green sauce” has additive qualities that rival the hey day of crack.

Good Luck Yerba Buena, I’ll be seeing you about once per week.

(Update,Yerba Buena had a good run on High Street, but a bit of a stink was started up so they opted to move to another part of the community. I applaud their move to Indianola – the area could use a jumpstart to draw in more people and business and a good mobile food business can help with that.)

Yerba Buena
4490 Indianola Ave
Clintonville (about five blocks south of Morse Road)
(Please note: The Trailer will disappear from time to time to go to festivals and special events so if you don’t see it for a couple days this summer, do not panic.)
September 22 update:
Carlos says hours will be Noon to 8 pm Monday to Saturday and thanks to Clintonville for all the support.

7 Responses to “Yerba Buena (Aka El Arepazo Mobile) debuts in Clintonville”

  1. Steve C said

    I’m VERY excited for this. I don’t get to make it downtown often enough for lunch. They will be seeing me for dinner very soon, as in the next day they are open.

  2. john j said

    What great news. I now do not have to cook lunch Wed-Sat during the summer. I can see many miles of bike rides to work off the extra calories.

  3. OeA said

    Beef or chicken only? What…no pork? I’m sad.

    CMHG Reply: There will be pork. The people must have it.

  4. patient_zero said

    Their fish taco was so delicious at the Columbus Arts Festival, that I returned to the truck for a second.

  5. Yerba Buena Latin Grill is so happy to be in Clintonville, the feedback from the neighborhood and Arepazo followers has made our project a thrilling experience.

  6. Jake Jacob said

    Just tried for first time!! Very Good 😀

  7. ed said

    So excited to have Carlos and Carolina serving up their food in Clintonville, visited the truck last night and not surprisingly had a great dinner!

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