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Fifth Year Anniversary: A Pause in Content

Posted by cmh gourmand on August 8, 2011

I’m taking a break from CMH Gourmand for the dog days of August. I will pop up on Twitter on occasion.

Preview of a coming attraction?

This month marks five years of eating. In the past year I have enjoyed some great connections. Dave and Roger at Latitude 41, Matt Barbee with Rockmill Brewery, a trip to the Clintonville Beer Shack. All of my Slow Food Friends. I especially thank @Twixlen and @MollyKurth for extensive assistance with donut research.


4 Responses to “Fifth Year Anniversary: A Pause in Content”

  1. Thad said

    Thanks for the five years to date! We look forward to more…

  2. – I’m always in on food research. And, that picture… oh, I can almost taste it!!

  3. Kate said

    Take your time. I will still be here salivating at that photo that is just barely keeping me safe.

  4. patient_zero said

    Happy Summer thoughts to you and CMH Tobias. My, have our culinary options expanded in the last five years. Best wishes into the next five years and beyond Mr. Gourmand.

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