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The Coop Flies into Baja Clintonville

Posted by CMH Gourmand on September 9, 2011

The Coop
2701 Indianola
(Corner of Cliffside and Indianola, just north of Hudson)
Tues-Fri Noon-8
Sat: 9-5

The Coop opened up on September 8th with no fanfare and a light rainstorm. The first day went well. The chef in The Coop worked at Alana’s for over two years. The menu is still being developed and the regular hours and days of operation are being figured out. There will be Facebook and Twitter addresses for the Coop sometime soon.

News of this new trailer was verified on site by our friend Dave from Weber Cam who said……

Sorry I didn’t get all the details, but the wing I just stole before dinner was sublime. I can’t tell if fried or roasted, not greasy, the meat was very, very nice. Not hot, just the sauce over it was a typical vinegary hot sauce, and a sprinkle of blue cheese and some really, really good coleslaw on the side.

All packaging biodegradable (this part I find fascinating, it’s very cool, polylactide I believe).

Using the power of e-mail, I was on the scene within the hour. The Coop is a former Cinnamon Roll fair cart that has been repurposed as something better. The Coop also has a fair share of chicken wire added to the frame for barnyard aesthetics. The food is not far from the farm at this trailer either. The eggs and poultry come from North Market Poultry and Game. Other North Market vendors are sourced as well. The cheese is supplied by Meadowmade. The chef and her assistant shop for produce at area Farmers Markets on Mondays and Tuesdays. And for a touch of environmentally friendly vending – the carry out containers, forks and such are Earthaware – as biodegradable as there is.

Two menu’s are shown below. The chicken and eggs sampled were prepared perfectly. We will see what develops with The Coop and will update this post as new information comes in.

4 Responses to “The Coop Flies into Baja Clintonville”

  1. hungrywoolf said

    Actually credit for first spotting the truck goes to James Westfall. Bear saw his post on facebook and sent it on me and I then sent Dave on a mission!! Tracking food trucks takes a village! 🙂

    CMH G.: Correct. I had also heard about it from Itinerant Foodie. Mobile food is hard to track but when the village wants to find something, we do!

  2. Dave said

    This was a fun email relay, from Bethia and then an all points bulletin. Looks like a good start for The Coop.

  3. Their udon noodles with duck were awesome. I love the slightly spicy and sour broth that goes with it. Topped with an egg of course. Really outstanding food.

  4. Jason Advani said

    I just showed up and asked her to make me something…anything. She prepared the duck for me–made from scratch–and it was very good! I will be back.

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