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Savor: My Saviour, Thank You For Embracing Clintonville

Posted by CMH Gourmand on December 16, 2012


The Indianola strip of Clintonville is the Rodney Dangerfield of the area, no respect. In particular, the Beechwold enclave of Clintonville (Cooke Rd. to Morse Rd) along Indianola is even less endowed with anything to be a draw to the area (well, maybe the Food Trucks at Charity Newsies, being the brilliant initiative that it is would be an exception). The area and it’s residents want what the rest of the area has – more eateries, more independent business and more traffic for the existing businesses along this thoroughfare. Enter Savor.

The space that Savor has taken over was a standard carry-out for many years. It was a place for lottery tickets and last-minute emergency party needs. It was OK as far as carry outs go but noting to speak of, or blog about. However, one day I drove by and noticed a new sign which piqued my interest. Then I saw some flyers and ads – which features a nice logo, some nice photos and whoa….wait a minute, FREE DELIVERY. Someone will deliver beer and wine to my home? Why yes, they will, for free! That is convenient.


However, delivery of a crappy product is no big deal so I make a pilgrimage to case out the place. I walked in to found an atmosphere which felt like a club or living room hangout with a little bit of Cheers thrown in for character. Savor carries the basics but also over 600 craft beers, several which are a challenge to find. The wine selection is respectable and seems to be growing. There are cigars as well – if that is your vice of choice with your alcohol consumption (mine is sleep). Beer and wine tasting occur every Friday as well a free special events from time to time. The staff have done a good job engaging customers on Facebook and keeping the list of new beers up to date. All of this is all good. A few other items of note. Savor carries of couple random food items which have no rhyme or reason to them, my guess is that these are favorite munchies of the employees or regular patrons. They continue to carry a good selection of candy bars (continuing the legacy of the previous establishment). Very notable – a good supply of potato chips in particular Ballreich’s a northwest Ohio favorite from Tiffin. Well done Savor.

But wait there is more. These guys also own the Weber Market at Weber and Indianola. That location is starting a slow conversion to a Savor as well – with the same selection as above,, hopefully delivery, a gyro trailer in the lot and….wait for it Beer Duder……Growler sales. Super cool right.

Maybe we should change the name of Indianola to Alcohol Ave. Looking at the Clintonville segment of Indianola here is what the fine residents of the area have to choose from by mid 2013: Two Savors, Weiland’s ongoing wine and beer renaissance, Palmer’s, the new bar at Studio 35 and a soon to be brewing micropub at Hudson and Indianola. Doing a little fuzzy math, no resident of Clintonville should ever be more than 1 mile away from really good beer and if they are – it can be delivered to them at their home or properly enclosed porch. My feelings on this development? All positive.

4440 Indianola Ave
Clintonville / Beechwold
Savor on Facebook

Mon – Thu: 8:00 am – 11:00 pm
Fri: 8:00 am – 12:00 am
Sat – Sun: 8:00 am – 11:00 pm

2 Responses to “Savor: My Saviour, Thank You For Embracing Clintonville”

  1. cbuster said

    What’s this about a micropub at Indianola and Hudson?? Did I miss something?

    CMH G. Response: You will be reading about this new micro venture in 2013.

  2. Dave said

    Nice one Jim.

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