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A Deal, a Shill and an Appeal

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 7, 2014


We begin with the deal. It is the Dine Originals Deck. For $20 you get 52 cards, each with a pretty good deal. Most of the deals are $10 off a certain dollar amount of food purchased. So, if you use two cards, you get your money back. Anything over is saving you money. There are a few non restaurant deals, one is a buy one get one free tour of Watershed Distillery. It is a bargain at full price so well worth consideration. Reviewing the deals in the rest of the deck the best offers are from Basi Italia, Bodega, Columbus Brewing Company Restaurant (Brunch only), Deepwood, Katalina’s, Pistacia Vera and The Top. So doing some quick math, I will probably save at least $50. Get the deck.

And now, the shill…….

In seven plus years of CMH Gourmand, I have been pretty hardcore about NOT shilling. I receive about one offer per week from someone asking me to hawk their wares, try out their restaurant, link their product to the website, etc. In 99% of the instances I say no thank you. On occasion I have accepted an offer for a meal or a product I already believe in and when I do, I disclose so in the post.

In the case of E-bates, I was not approached at all. Well not really. Mrs. (soon to be) Gourmand hooked me up with E-bates shortly after we hooked up. The concept is pretty straightforward. You sign up with E-bates and use their site as a portal for the other online shopping you do. So when I shop at L.L.Bean, Amazon, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Peets Coffee, Ghirardelli, etc. I can expect to get 2 to 4% of the purchase price back and sometimes more.

As a person who freely self admits that there is at least a 50% chance that my obituary will read “was struck by a car while bending down to pick up a penny” my Scottish heritage kicks in hard when a deal is to be had. As Mrs. to be Gourmand and I often say, “only a sucker pays full price”. Well I say that and she rolls her eyes in agreement. Since I do most of my shopping online the cash back accumulates quickly and can be paid to me by check or paypal.

So why I am sharing this other than the fact it is a good deal and only loosely food related? Well, Mr. Gourmand is saving up for a honeymoon to Italy and a new house in Old Worthington or Clintonville. Any referral I make for E-bates puts $15 in my savings account and saves you money. And any referral you make….puts money in your pocket. Bazinga!

Click the link below to make a donation to a worthy cause – extensive gelato research in Italy and extensive home improvement in central Ohio.

Show Gourmand the Money

And now the appeal.

I am listed as a candidate for best blog in the community for 614 Magazine’s ColumBest. It may be debatable if my blog is the best but it is one of the oldest. So I humbly ask for your consideration in the voting process. I would like to place third this year. You can vote -> HERE.

I’m CMH Gourmand and I thank you for your support.

One Response to “A Deal, a Shill and an Appeal”

  1. Cindy said

    Voted for you!

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