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The Big Pitch: So You Want to Be a Culinary Rock Star?!

Posted by CMH Gourmand on June 9, 2014

There is an event called the Big Pitch coming on June 21st and June 28th.

If you have been kicking around the idea of launching a food based business and needed some extra help to get started, this will be well worth your time.

If you don’t have a pitch but would like to sample selections of from some of the city’s up and coming food phenomenons then you should enjoy this as well. Please share this with a friend that has been talking able making the “jump” into the big leagues. And please share this with friends that like to eat.

A link to buy tickets to both events (June 21st and June 28th) is HERE.

Below I have more information on the event from Bob Leighty, the event coordinator.

Calling all Food Entrepreneurs! We need YOU and YOUR FOOD at The Big Pitch at

On June 21st, at Franklin University, we’re going to have 30+ entrepreneurs providing “tastings” of their products. The general public will buy tickets to attend, and each person attending will be able to taste one of each entrepreneur’s products, and then vote for their pick for best restaurant, best mobile food, and best food product. We’re estimating that about 200 members of the public will attend, eat, and vote. We’ll tally up the votes at the end, consider your business plan info, and select the top three finalists in each of the three categories (9 total entrepreneurs) to invite back on the 28th.

On June 28th, at Franklin University, we have a panel of judges for each category (4 to 5 judges per category) and each of the nine finalists will cook for their panel of judges. In addition to cooking, you will make your “big pitch” to the judges for why your product is good and why you should win the cash and mentoring. Each panel will rank their top three entrepreneurs. We’ll announce the results, and then have a party, pizza from Donatos and ice cream from Jeni’s. The intent of the party is to give folks the opportunity to mingle with the judges, other winners, and general public. This should be a great networking opportunity.

These are the prizes in each of the judged categories:

1st place: $1000 plus a year of free mentoring
2nd place: $500 plus 6 months of free mentoring
3rd place: 6 months of free mentoring

For mentoring, we will match two or three mentors with each entrepreneur. Each mentor has committed to at least 1 hour of mentoring per month. I am looking to match mentors with entrepreneurs according to your needs. We have packaging experts, marketing experts, restaurant experts, mobile experts, business plan experts et al. So, if you get mentoring, you will get two or three experts giving you a least an hour of their time each month.

Judges are:

Mentors are:

To register, we need you to fill out the online form from this page:

We need your info, $25, and a commitment to prepare tastings for 200 folks for the 21st.

Both events will be covered in the Metropreneur, Business First, and other places as well as lots of publicity through social media. And of course, on the 21st, direct in-person exposure to over 200 potential customers.

All questions to: Bob Leighty at:

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