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Day in the Life: Pasta with Jam Sauce, Take a hit for a Noble Cause

Posted by CMH Gourmand on August 13, 2014

I receive a good number of e-mails, the bulk inform me that I have won money or can obtain money by helping out someone in a foreign country that needs all of my personal information. I also get a lot of information on penis enlargement and women that are very interested in marriage even though I have never met them. I also get a lot of offers to plug new fast food items and from people who want to add “content” to my site so I can make a fortune.

But sometimes, I get some legitimately great offers. Read below:

My name is Katie and I am participating in an international scavenger hunt called GISHWHES which stands for the Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen. The items on this list are very out of the box and crazy, and I was wondering if I could enlist your help with one of the items. Here is the item:

VIDEO or IMAGE. It’s time the Internet’s burgeoning Culinary Master was recognized… or panned. Prepare West Collins’ “Pasta with Jam Sauce” ( and have a noted food critic review it. It must be a qualified, published critic. If they’re not a published critic, don’t submit.

If I could prepare this myself or have it prepared by someone near you today, tomorrow, or Friday. Would you be able to help with this before the hunt ends Friday night? I would be forever grateful for your help! Please let me know as soon as possible!

Katie Lee

I e-mailed Katie back and let her know it would be my honor to help out. I was intrigued by the Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen – because I love to do things like this myself. Some people take the whole week off from work to do this challenge because it is so demanding. In Katie’s case she lives in Cincinnati and she drove up with one of her teammates to serve me this dish. Katie’s team also includes people in New Zealand – good thinking – two hemispheres and two time zones can help with a contest like this.

Last week was pretty busy, so it was not until about 10 minutes before Katie showed up that I researched what Pasta and Jam sauce was. As soon as I started to read and watch the video I started to reconsider my offer to help….but it was too late.

You can learn more about Pasta with Jam Sauce here and here.

I’ll let you enjoy the research above but let me include some of the ingredients from the dish below.

goldfish crackers
apple with a few bites out of it
wheel pasta
an orange
chocolate chips
carrot juice……..

At this point, having just finished the video and feeling a bit of dread, Katie showed up on my porch with the dish ready to serve. I’ll say the dish did not look overly appetizing but it tasted slightly better than I would have expected. Which means, it did not taste good at all.

pasta with jam

The blending of all of the ingredients together created an almost tasteless brownish gray sauce-paste that clung to the pasta. The crumbled goldfish on top were a blessing by providing some texture and flavor to a dish that would be best described as less than bland. I took one bite to meet the criteria of the challenge and a second bite out of morbid curiosity and I was done. They took the left overs with them for proper disposal. I offered what was left to CMH Tobias but he just looked at me in disbelief and went back to sleep.

I was happy to help Katie out and hope her team did well in the challenge. If anyone out there wants to form a team for next year, let me know, I’m game.

One Response to “Day in the Life: Pasta with Jam Sauce, Take a hit for a Noble Cause”

  1. Jane said

    Oh my gosh this is hilarious 🙂 Thank you for the big laugh to start my day, CMH! Miss you.

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