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Clintonville Chili Bowl – Chili for a good cause

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 21, 2008

The Maple Grove United Methodist Church is hosting the Clintonville Chili Bowl on January 26th from 5 – 7 PM. The judges will be local firefighters. Contestants will be competing for a trophy and chili champion bragging rights for one year and/or the People’s Choice Award. The chili is going for $5 per bowl, proceeds of the event go to two great Clintonville causes – the Clintonville Community Resource Center and the Whetstone Recreation Center. The church is at the corner of High Street and Henderson Road. More details can be found at the Church website, click on the Chili Bowl logo for details.


I did attend as a contestant. The event had a great turnout. There were 26 different chili’s and one house chili to dine on. I did not win either of the contests but it was fun. Over $1000 was raised for charity. I learned a couple things from the other chili makers – pureed beans and peanut butter are good for making a chili thicker and less tomato tasting. I also met the owner of Food for the Soul, a new restaurant in the Ville – I will report more on that later.

I entered my Italian Chili Number Nine – here is my recipe – more or less.

2 lbs Bob Evans Italian sausage – browned in a skillet then drained
1 can Trader Joes Tuscano Marinara Sauce
2 cans Ro Tel Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies
1 can red beans – drained
2 cans dark kidney beans – drained
1 jar (12 – 16 ounces) mild giardinera pepper mix
garlic, cumin, black pepper, red pepper, and cilantro to taste
mix in a crock pot and cook for 3+ hours on high.

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Summer Reading plus why we eat and write about eating…

Posted by CMH Gourmand on July 3, 2007 has nothing to fear from me, but here is a serving for your summer reading program.

American Food Writing

What could be more patriotic for the 4th of July than reading American Food Writing. For the Columbus connection, the editor is Molly O’Neil, formerly of our fair city, in particular, Clintonville. And for the Gourmand connection – the book spans 250 years of all types of writers telling tales of food with 50 recipes mixed in for good measure. Some of the writers are obscure and some of the topics are a stretch but this book reinforces that as a country, we were obsessed with food long before blogs. Classics bites in the book include H.L. Mencken on hot dogs and M.F.K. Fisher on oysters.

M.F.K. (one of the great food writers, was a popular female culinary literary figure from the mid-20th century) has a great quote about food which Molly O’Neill pops into the introduction.

“People ask me: Why do you write about food, and eating, and drinking?”….. “The easiest answer is to say that, like most humans, I am hungry. But there is more than that. It seems to me that our three basic needs, for food, and security, and love, are so mixed and mingled and entwined that we cannot straightly think of one with the others. So it happens that when I write about hunger, I am really writing about love and the hunger for it, and warmth and the love of it and the hunger for it…and then the warmth and richness and fine reality of hunger satisfied..and it is all one.”

Actually – pages xxi to xxiii nail on the head why I eat and why I write about eating and why eating has been my constant passion and writing is the means to keep that passion from consuming me or at least a diversion to make me pause from eating for a while.

Maybe we will have a virtual book club on this book? Post away!

On second thought, may want to fear me. The Columbus Metropolitan Library has 10 copies of American Food Writing.

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Outsourced Interview – not so much ado about chili

Posted by CMH Gourmand on January 25, 2007

Here is an interview of a local Chili Contest Winner – Mr. John Novak. The interviewer is Mr. M.A. Conaway. Both are two stand up guys I had the honor of sharing in some high school and college experiences.

MAC interviews John

And as a side note – a shout out to the Hills Market – local source for Dayton’s Killer Brownies, Findlay’s Dietsch Brothers Chocolates and recently some really impressive cooking classes.

Hills Market

And now the Hills Market has it’s own blog.

Hills Blog

Also – I have traditionally had my own Chili Festival – offering my famous goat chili as one of 6-10 entries. I skipped 2006 – but plan for a report in Fall 2007.

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