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BeerCamp Recap and Tale of the Last Parade

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 30, 2010

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, some Wild Geese, courageous sponsors and everyone that came out to the Best Event on March 28th.

There will be a BeerCamp 2011.

Homebrew contenders

Oh my. What a day. First lesson learned, people like beer…a lot. Friday and Saturday was all about answering e-mails and phone calls from people wanting BeerCamp tickets. And it was about telling various beseechers that BeerCamp was sold out with a long waiting list. Starting on Thursday, I started paying attention to the weather forecast….and then I started not paying attention to the weather forecast with visions of thunder and lightning flashing through my head.

I have an aluminium roof over my porch. At 6:30 am Sunday morning I started to hear a light pitter patter on the roof and remained in my state of semi consciousness. By 8:00 AM the sound of rain was agonizingly still loud in spite of trying to drown it out with four pillows, every blanket I could find and my 65 pound dog on my head. As parade master for the BeerCamp parade I decided it was best to stay in bed. My task was to mentally compose an inspiring speech I would give to the seven paraders and five police officers (who were well paid) I could count on for a rainy day parade. I was convinced I could deliver the eloquence of the Henry the V speech. As it turned out, the rain stopped a few minutes before start time and all I had to say was – LET’S GO!

The parade consisted of: That Car, The CD 101 Ice Cream Truck, a Mini Van, a chicken, a dog, two bikes, two scooters, a fake goose, two bands, Lady Gaga, a man holding a beer bottle and a rag tag, motley crew of very, very good people.

One of our bands!

An unidentified woman appears to be running away from the chicken cage

Exclusive shot from the rear of the parade

The parade was memorable. Mark my words….it will never happen again. If you missed the parade you missed twenty three minutes of history.

Heroes - group shot at parade conclusion

There will be another BeerCamp. Here are some of the reasons why:

1:47 PM - Full house for an event that started at 2 PM

Entrants to BeerCamp received a BeerCamp pint glass with tickets for eight pours of Columbus Brewing Company Beers (thanks Eric Bean!). We told everyone to bring T-shirts so they could get a free BeerCamp screenprint. Kyle Sowash sang the world premiere of the Surly Girl BeerCamp song in honor our lead sponsor Surly Girl Saloon. Brezel was present to sell pretzels. After the food judging was concluded – everyone had full access to BeerCamp food which included cupcakes, pork bellies and many other excellent, over the top goodies.

Please note, Walker Evans is drinking a beer and Carmen Owens is not being surly

Here is our creme de la creme of contest judges:

Walker Evans – Columbus Underground
Johnny DiLoretto – Fox 28 / Channel 6
Carmen Owens – Chief Asskicker, Surly Girl Saloon
Mike Publicover – Manager, Mama Mimi’s Take and Bake Pizza
Shelly Mann – Editor, Columbus Alive

Emma Christensen – Columbus Dispatch
Michael Paull – Beer Writer
Eric Drake – Brothers Drake Mead
Frank Barickman – The Scioto, Olentangy and Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)
Lauren Wilson – Beer Evangelist and Raconteur

Amy D – Made By Amy D and Queen of Clintonville
Olivera Bratich – Wholly Craft
Adrienne Raimo – Crafty Person
Andy Dehus – Renaissance Man, Woolf Tamer, Taco Truck Writer and Restaurant Designer

Beer Label Design
Ben Lamb – Artist, Rocker and Community Personality
Clinton Reno – Artist extraordinaire and all around nice guy
Robin Oatts – Web designer and winner of the BeerCamp patience award
Patrick Kelleher – Brewmaster for Neil House Brewery and parade sponsor

So let’s talk some more about the food. I had to recuse myself from food judging since I knew some of the contestants. Every item I sampled was outstanding. The contest scores were close but at the end, the Pierogi King of Columbus and BaconCamp Champion, the esteemed Roland Kopecky won the grand prize with his Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout Cupcakes (served with a shot of milk). Our other winners were: (Craft) Sarah Cusser, for her beer and ink drawings, (Homebrew) Shane Crane, with his Guinness-style dry stout and (Beer Label Design) John Schumacher.

Compliments of Pattycake Bakery

It was a packed house, nothing bad happened, people had a good time and it did not rain on my parade – that is all one could want from a BeerCamp. So see you next year. (Buy your tickets early!)

Cupcake King of Columbus, Mr. Roland Kopecky

Please enjoy these other links:

Parade Video

Metromix Photos

More Photos

Columbus Alive Pics

A video with The Surly Girl Saloon song!

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The Story of BeerCamp (March 28th, 2PM, Parade at 1PM)

Posted by CMH Gourmand on March 8, 2010

Wild Goose Creative
2491 Summit Street

March 28th
BeerCamp Parade starts at 1 PM
BeerCamp (Camp) starts at 2 PM (Tickets $12 and are expected to sell out soon)

So what is BeerCamp? It is a celebration of beer. It is also a celebration of things crafted in Columbus with some beer connection. You will be able to drink it, eat it, maybe wear it, listen to songs about it and whatever you want. There is one disclaimer to the BeerCamp information. It will be the best event in Columbus on March 28th until 4 PM at which time it becomes tied with Studio 35 which is having a beer tasting followed by a showing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The good news is that both venues are within walking distance of each other.

BeerCamp was inspired by BaconCamp. The idea was spawned during a discussion of beer related foods during a food bloggers retreat at the Inn at Cedar Falls last summer. Meetings ensued thereafter. An A-Team of event planners came together to create BeerCamp from scratch (and this think tank prevented names such a Beerapalozza, BeerFest and BeerDay by Sapphire). I thought I would mention a bit about Team BeerCamp and what has been going on behind the scenes.

Amanda Anderson was asked if BeerCamp could happen at Wild Goose Creative. She said yes and then she was bombarded with e-mails and ideas. Her greatest skill is the ability to do seven things at once as long as six are in electronic format. She would be an ideal executive assistant for a progressive restaurant business that wanted to be at least three times more efficient in everything.

The Jill Moorhead of Itinerant Foodies and the Hills Market. Jill has many gifts. She can market markets at an exceptional level of excellence and she does inspired graphic design. She has a knack for getting people to volunteer for things that are outside their comfort zone or maybe their own good sense. I am certain she uses some type of Jedi mind trick. Here is a sample interaction.
Jill: “You want to do this task.”
Victim Volunteer: “Yes, I do want to do that task.”
Jill provides great color commentary and she is an expert coffee drinker. Every group should have a Jill Moorhead but we moved quicker and no one else can have her now.

Kristine Eley a Beer expert and hockey player. She has a phobia of parades so we decided to have one.

Mary Martineau of the North Market has saved BeerCamp from skunking at least six times. Mary can take a ten step task, make it two steps and then she just does it so no one else needs to. She knows everything about getting anything done and she is able do so while avoiding staying for an entire meeting. Mary is the MacGyver of event management but she does not need the duct tape. She has a cool van. Also, no one says no to Mary. No one.

Nick Dekker of the Wild Goose Creative Collective and Breakfast with Nick. Mr. Dekker is the best note taker ever and he can type while operating at least one other social media app at the same time.

CMH Gourmand – Brings beer to BeerCamp meetings.

An incredible selection of judges, the Creme de la Columbus, has been gathered for the Homebrew, Beer Cuisine, Beer Arts and Crafts and Beer Label design contests. Our sponsors have been incredibly generous – it is an act of bravery to support an event that has never been done before so I think there is some faith in the people involved and the power of beer. The public servants at the City Police and Permit Departments have provided great service and assistance.

And as for the parade, it will be the first parade ever in Old(e) North Columbus. The route may be the shortest in Columbus marching event history at .7 miles. If you have never been in a parade this is your opportunity to do so. The BeerCamp Parade is the best chance to help Kristine defeat her fear of parades or you could help her protest against it.

This is going to be lot of fun so spread the word.

This is a parade permit, do not attempt to do this from your own home - parades are expensive and potentially habit forming

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